Editor's Choice: Entries in the Fourth Annual HumorFeed Satire News Awards

It's been a wild year. Relive the best moments of 2008 in satire news with our complete list of entries in the 2008 Satire News Competition. The top ten stories here will be ranked by our exclusive panel of judges from National Public Radio, Fox News, Boston University, and award-winning humorists. Stay tuned for the results, and see whether you can pick the winners before we do!

Site NameHeadline
The UncoverorMajority Think Electoral College Is A School
BBspotResearch Institute Ready to Start “Squirrel Smasher"
The Daily RedundancyDyslexic Student Expelled Over Toy Gnu
News MutinyStudy: 99.9% of Americans Suffering from Obscurity
CAP NewsScientists Warn Of New Global Luke Warming Threat
The Specious ReportAtheist Sees Image of Big Bang in Piece of Toast
Travel FoxAirline to Replace Oxygen Masks with Pistols
Triple Action NewsMan Feels Blessed, Depressed Over Malignant Jesus Tumor
The Giant NapkinLubbock, TX Replaced by Wal-Mart Supercenter
The Satirical Political ReportYour Top 'Out of Your Head-lines' of 2008
JewlariousOil Prices So Low, Arab Nations Consider Educating Youth
The Enduring VisionObama, Clinton See Tuesday's Primary As Chance To Finally Leave Ohio
The KnishMember Expelled From Gay Synagogue for Secret Heterosexual Relationship
The Blue BrickObama Announces Economic Stimulus Plan: Double-Coupon Thursday's
All Day CoffeeBaristas Claim Obama's Coffee Not Black Enough
Red Tractor USAArchaeologists Find Alphabet Block
Glossy NewsGod Answers McCain's Prayers with Resounding "No"
Perplexing TimesNevada City Re-Enactors Miss My Time-Travel Joke
Muskrat NewsAspiring Writers Seek Chemical Inspiraton
Broken NewzChina's New Bridge Comes With Collapse Ready-Statement
Points in CaseMcCain to Woo African-American Voters by Wearing Blackface
Department of Social ScrutinyRelax About Financial Worries, We're All Going to Die
The LeanNew Neoprene® Beer Cozy Promises Colder Beer, Longer
DailyfortnightDeities Reach Out to Undecided Agnostics in Tight Celestial Election
The SleazeMan Believes Life Only Validated When Captured on Camera
Avant NewsIn Quest for Conservative Credentials, McCain Burns Witch
DeadBrain UKMillennium Goals 'Pushed Back Until Next One'
DERF Magazine2010 HUMMER Features Built-in BP Station
ArtnoseCaravaggio copy stolen in daring copycat art theft
DotpennNintendo Develops Wii Community Service
The Ronson WriterThe Great 8 Glasses Of Water Conspiracy
NewsBiscuit96% of all presents ‘a bit wrong’
SlantmouthGitmo Legal
Underneath PoliticsComedian Leaves Hilarious Suicide Note
Recoil magazineMan Dies Living Day Like It Was His Last
National NitwitHomeless NH Man Not Seeing Much Change from Candidates
The ChortlerThis Article Was Co-Written by a Woman
The Onion BagEnglish footballers declared extinct in the wild
Postcards from the Pug BusBush Orders Retirement Savings Mattress for Every American
Opinions You Should HaveRomney To Spend More Time With His Money
BrainsnapThe Steve and Steve Jobs Foundation Pledges Hundreds to Charity
Bill Stockton's SatiriumSenator Craig Airport Bathroom to Become Museum
Sports PickleChina's Paralympic Team Deemed Not Cute Enough to Represent China
The ToqueGoogle Removes "Gullible" From Search Engine
Smooth OperatorMan Who Works Twice as Hard for Half as Long Fired
The World's Voice of ReasonExclusive: Barack Obama Can Fly Through The Air Like That Guy On Heroes

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