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HumorFeed grew from a forum of satire webmasters seeking a way to exchange links more effectively, a site which could collect headlines from members into one simple feed that they could all display. There were other such sites, but many satire webmasters in this group were looking for a system which they could be more involved in, which could better respond to their needs and concerns, and could guarantee consistency in the quality of its service. Broken Newz webmaster Bill Doty and U.S. Press News webmaster "Uncle Sharky" developed HumorFeed to meet these needs, with input and support from several other web masters.

HumorFeed was designed to be a fair and equitable system, allowing one headline per member per day, so all sites - big and small - would have equal exposure. And it was designed to ensure that members were comfortable with the quality of the links they were displaying from each other: hence HumorFeed's unique anonymous peer review system, ensuring that applicants are evaluated in depth by no fewer than three members.

Other resources followed. Today HumorFeed is a site which offers not only the web's best, most consistent independent satire news feed; it offers multiple venues for its members to promote appearances in the media, books or albums they produce, and other sites they may manage. Its members also collaborate to produce Check Please!, a journal devoted to the serious examination of humor and satire. Boasting a new flexible site design, over 40 member sites and an ever-growing list of applications, HumorFeed today is the web's premiere independent satire news and humor association. Far from being just another link aggregator, we aim to be an organization that our members are proud to belong to.

HumorFeed would not be possible without the following:

  • Bill Doty, HumorFeed co-founder; webmaster, Broken Newz; co-founder, Fark TV
  • Uncle Sharky, HumorFeed co-founder; webmaster, U.S. Press News
  • Joe Peacock, original design & technical support; editor, Mentally Incontinent
  • Allen Voivod, former features editor, Check Please!; webmaster, Deadbrain US
  • Byron Kent and Comrade Che, designers; webmasters, Brainsnap
  • E.F. Watley, HumorFeed admin; webmaster, The Watley Review
  • HumorFeed's member sites, which review new applicants, offer constructive feedback, participate in HumorFeed programs and events, and most importantly, enter great material into the feed seven days a week!

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  • Since 2003, HumorFeed has been the web's best independent satire news and humor news hub. Our content is provided by an association of carefully selected writers, dedicated to providing some of the best and sharpest material online.

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