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HumorFeed welcomes applications from any site with original satire and/or humor content. Member sites can post headlines to HumorFeed and participate in our great and supportive community of writers and web masters. Our styles, political views, and nationalities may differ, but we all share a passion for intelligent commentary, free speech, and pushing the boundaries of satire and journalism. HumorFeed works in several ways to support its members, both by building partnerships to display the feed in sites around the web and by offering a variety of features on the HumorFeed site allowing members to promote their work and learn from one another.

In order to ensure that we are able to maintain consistent link quality in HumorFeed, we use an anonymous peer-review process; each applicant site is independently and separately reviewed by three current HumorFeed members. We look at the following factors:

  • Overall content, originality, scope of material
  • Navigation, logic of site structure
  • Writing style, length, clarity of presentation
  • Overall site appearance
  • Technical execution
There are no fees to apply to or join HumorFeed. The only requirements we make of our members is that they link back to HumorFeed, adhere to our policies, and contribute to community efforts such as reviewing new applicants.

The basic requirements to apply to HumorFeed are as follows:

  • Your site has original news satire and/or humor content which is either yours or under your editorial control (i.e., open source sites with no moderation would not qualify)
  • Your site has been in operation for six (6) months or more
  • Your site has at least thirty (30) stories already published on it at the time of application (lesser numbers of entries may be considered if your site primarily produces content with a higher production time such as podcasts or videos)
  • Your site functions with most current browsers
  • It is preferable, though not required, that you have your own domain
To apply, please email your site name, URL, and the URLs of three articles which you would like for us to consider to info (at) humorfeed (dot) com. You'll get a response and we will work to review your site as soon as possible. Please note that due to the number of applicants we get and the time-consuming nature of our review process, it may take some time to process your application. If you have not heard from us within 30 days of applying, please let us know.

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