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"When he takes that white vest off he'll have a white shaped vest shape on his tanned body. Phnarf."
"Behind every successful catching man is a good woman there to take the bottle of beer out of his hand before he does it. Yeee hargh!" Jessie Krufts, Red Neck
"Yea, the bear hasn't quite got the thumbs up thing down yet huh?"
"I've trained my dogs to run when they hear violins playing too. Can't be too careful these days."
"If they do an easier course for me on my mobility scooter count me in."
"Yea! At last a dog relieving himself without the nasty emissions normally associated with that statement. Although I do hope somebody checks for what looks like a brown dead fish after he gets out." Jessie Krufts, Puppy Carer
"It makes a change from all those bear swipes cat to its death with paw videos."
"That's the hairiest guy I've ever seen in a swimming pool, and I've been using public swimming pools all my life." Harry Zonderblurb, Butcher
"Yes, he's got the bear 'boingy' movement down pat. Kudos." Jessie Krufts, PE Teacher
"Didn't they do that to some guy on The Sopranos once?" Jimmy Popper, Satire Critic
"On balance, I would say it is much less annoying than slow honking." Jessie Krufts, Scientist
"That's probably why you never see a cat with a six pack." Kent Rugby, Motivator
"That's why The Queen has to practice putting her crown on. If her eyes go like that she looks really funny." Harry Zonderblurb, Psychiatrist
"If you can't buy ice cream from a stranger who can you buy it from?" Jessie Krufts, Stranger
"Try a bit of Elvis Presley next time, I used to scream at him when I was their age." Fred Flunkee, Hoola Hooper
"I always sleep with my tongue out of my mouth. It scares the home help every time." Fred Flunkee, Good Ole Boy
"It's far too close to a hotdog, almost cannibalism." Kent Rugby, Catcher
"The military uses for this are endless. Especially for crazy bald bad guys with cats." Jessie Krufts, James Bond Impersonator
"Shame the black guy with a similar YouTube channel was shot dead by the police for that though. It looks sooo much like a gun..." Jessie Krufts, Police Commissioner

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