Check Please!
An audibly ill Evan Rabalais joins Sunny and Jeremy to discuss less-than-thoughtful decisions and dealing with homeless hecklers.
The Godfather of Droll James Brown joins Jeremy and Sunny to talk about a tourism official who inadvertently turned herself into a webcam girl.
Robert Rau joins Sunny Weathers and Jeremy White to speculate about mermaid intercouse and Aquaman's sexual prowess.
In an effort to get more people interested in the ad-laden versions of its newspapers, The Advocate has partnered with Nabisco to create a three-pound fortune cookie shell to wrap around its printed editions.
Knick Moore, Sunny, and Jeremy have way too much fun talking about a (literal) Guy who allegedly killed and dismembered his parents.
Nick Portier talks with Jeremy and Sunny about his gender identity and how people handle discussing such issues. Plus, he and Sunny explain why they stopped seeing some women.
Jeremy, Sunny, and comedy purveyor Evan Rabalais talk about the level of zen required to self-immolate without being a bitch about it. Jeremy also explains how Gary Johnson was left out of the debates to save the universe.
Our 200th episode features Mike Honore and Adam Wilson discussing women they attract, hilarious dialects, some mansplaining, and classic (and new) “dickhole so big” jokes.
David Vitrano drops serious knowledge about LSU football, Jeremy refs an improv game about new TV shows, and Sunny provides "The Never-Ending" sound effect.
Actor and singer John Schneider joins Jeremy and Sunny for songs and a revealing discussion about FEMA's response to the recent flooding in South Louisiana.
Robert Rau joins Jeremy and Sunny to examine the recent "fishy" events at the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.
Mike Honore joins Jeremy and Sunny to discuss bitch-ass punks who can't headline comedy shows because they're too busy running from the cops.
Celtic Studios Executive Director Patrick Mulhearn joins Sunny and Jeremy to discuss the Yelp reviews (and copious tampons) his company got as a flooding evacuation shelter.
Knick and James brave the airwaves to talk about our latest brush with alien life, robots killing each other, and where babies come from.
Herman Davis and Robert Rau watch Jessica Lange try to steal Gwyneth Paltrow's baby and a Netflix exclusive horror movie to determine which one should be called "Hush."
Sunny, Knick, and Jeremy talk about more flood recovery, Sunny's acumen for miserable jobs, and tetanus shots. Plus, Knick shares his best worst story from his service industry days.
Knick and James get together, and James tries his honest best to get nerdy before Knick let’s Mother Nature have it.
Sunny, Jeremy, and Knick take a brief respite from helping folks recover from the recent historic flooding to record a cathartic episode.
Evan Rabalais joins Jeremy and a contributor known as Sunny Weathers for our first episode since The Advocate wrote an article about last week's show with Ryan Heck.
Metro Councilman Ryan Heck makes his long-awaited and boisterously candid debut on the show with Jeremy White and Sunny Weathers.

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