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Every week, Congressman George Santos of New York answers your questions about elevators and resigning.
A neuroscientist told The Atlantic, "We fed our octopus more than Ecstasy. How could we not?"
U.S. Government court filings on alleged Russian spy Maria Butina included the following letter, translated here, among its numerous pieces of documentary evidence.
". . . oh Lord, give succor to the poor, but not in the form of Food Stamps, which only heightens dependence on the already strained Federal budget . . ."
"With each successive bloodbath unleashed upon innocent Americans, I've continued in my callous refusal to do one single thing that could make a difference and save American lives."
Make merry with us, or at least do your best to pretend!
And if you find our guide helpful, keep your eyes peeled in 2018 for our supplemental webinars!
Dear Jared: Please tell me, how do you keep your marriage going strong? You and Ivanka look so happy, holding hands all the time. -Andrea, age 32