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Are you a Trump supporter who can't decide how to derail the conversation? This is for all your fact denying!
State Senator Bob Tipton has vowed to end the drug crisis in his area the only way he knows how- by doing all the drugs himself.
Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerburg spent his entire afternoon crafting an eloquent response to a rather insidious comment made on a Facebook post.
The NRA has decided to focus on health and fitness this week when a study showed that 75% of men who carry guns regularly are not physically fit enough to be of any use during an active shooter situation.
​It can be difficult to find your place in the world sometimes. We at totally real news want to help you find it!!
A bombshell went off early this week when it was revealed that the top moderator of the subreddit is in fact the top dog of the Trump administration, Donald Trump himself.
We want YOUR opinion- preferred way to fly: American Airlines, United Airlines Or North Korean Missile?
Danny Clay has always loved his job as the guy who decides if a Motorcycle operator should get their license...
Herman Westfield is constantly turned down for dates, so much in fact that he has started to wonder why the random women he asks out without talking to them first turn him down for dates.
Local research assistant David Michel made a huge boo-boo at work the other night when he accidentally opened a vial of super deadly super-virus mistaking it for hand sanitizer...
Local alt-right proponent Douglas Smith hadn’t had a naturally occurring erection in months.
Anal sex on the first date is in decline among heterosexual couples...
Aren’t we lucky? We got our hands on a gift-bag meant for A-list stars at the Oscar awards. We’re not telling how we got it but let’s just say that it won’t be the first time Leonardo DiCaprio goes home empty-handed.
Harvey Wray is just your normal local ex amateur cage-fighter turned substitute social studies teacher but Wray noticed that many times his temporary students would not listen to him.
The movie reviewer for New Press Papers Corporation has finally admitted that his reviews of movies for the past ten years have been tainted with his own general hatred of movies.
A local man says that he’s getting restless due to the pending end to the 2016-2017 football season.