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Adding more shame to the beleaguered world governing body for soccer, an internal investigation has revealed that FIFA’s female executives regularly earn less than a quarter of the bribe money compared to their male counterparts.
Saying he’s been eyeing the country for a long time but was waiting for its appraised value to drop, business mogul Donald Trump had placed a record-breaking bid for the purchase of the United States.
The rapidly increasing number of Republicans running for president is dramatically eroding the availability of American billionaires and their precious largess, a recent study suggests.
The U.S. Treasury is scrapping its plan to replace Alexander Hamilton’s visage with that of a woman’s. Instead, Hamilton will simply be given hair extensions and a slight makeover.
WASHINGTON -- In what’s being called a historic oversight, the U.S. Supreme Court has admitted that while it has ruled in favor of same-sex marriage, it has forgotten to rule in favor of same-sex divorce.
ATLANTA, Georgia (The Adobo Chronicles®) - It looks like Don Lemon is not the only weird journalist in the CNN newsroom. The cable news network today aired a breaking news segment about London's Pride Parade in which a reporter claimed that she witnessed a man waving an ISIS flag. CNN, which prides itself to be the…
The Department of Homeland Security is asking the public to stop spreading images of hybrid Confederate-LGBT rainbow flags.
A formerly beloved celebrity activist and one of social media’s most popular figures, George Takei, has turned to the dark side, it has been declared.
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has suggested that the recent spate of shark attacks off U.S. beaches is linked to increasing radicalization of disaffected young sharks.
WASHINGTON (The Nil Admirari): A study released today showed Americans have a distressing ignorance about the history of the United States, including its founding. Approximately 78% of surveyed Americans either incorrectly identified the country they celebrate independence from or refused to identify the country while claiming they wanted to see if the researcher knew it first.
ISIS fighters living in Mosul, the largest city under control of the Islamic State, are about to get a look at Western culture, but only a peek.
The question mark face tattoo. It’s a trend that’s been growing in popularity, but until recently no one understood why.
Actor and comedian said sitting around complaining to Larry King about kids today while waiting for the statute of limitations to kick in "was one of the most rewarding distractions of my career."
After transcripts went public from a 2005 deposition that shows Bill Cosby admitting to using quaalude on women so he could have sex with them, his PR team announced today that he plans to use the publicity to promote his new movie, "Quaalude to a Kiss."
A group of elderly Nazi war criminals hiding in South America are planning to present Pope Francis with a Swastika crucifix.
Here are the stickier points and stipulations of the EU-Greek deal, otherwise known as the Euro Summit Statement on Greece.
Planned Parenthood is issuing a nationwide recall of all parts purchased in the last ten years, admitting that they pose a serious public relations threat.
Portland, ME –  Malcom Werner and his wife Pippy came to an agreement about 6 months ago.  Malcom would stay home with their 3 kids and Pippy would be the breadwinner of the family with the accounting work she does.
Jacob Zuma will spend $5m to build a brothel facility at his presidential home in the Nkandla compound it was announced last night.
After decades of keeping its true identity a secret, Pluto has announced that it is not actually a planet. Pluto is a star.