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Silicon Valley CA: Playboy Magazine has announced that the monthly publication (with the titillating centerfolds and intellectual articles) is bringing back pictures of nude women after a short hiatus. Once again marketing managers have proven the old adage “Sex Sells” is still true.
Pyongyang, North Korea – (satireworld)
The war of words has heated up in recent days between the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, aka North Korea, and a respected American online publication known for its cutting edge humor. Satire says threats of being in a state of ‘war’ have surfaced after a series of photos were published online showing the reclusive North Korea leader Kim Jong-un in an very unfavorable light.
Fountain Hills, Arizona -(
The ex-Maricopa County sheriff is reported to be first in line for the $500,000 per annum position of keeping Mexicans out of the USA. At 85-years old the Fountain Hills maverick veteran lawman is also bookies’ 5/4 favorite for the controversial Trump Mexican border wall enforcement appointment due to a slew of some pretty impressive CV credentials.
WASHINGTON - ( President Donald Trump announced on Saturday that baseball great Ty Cobb would immediately serve as special counsel at the White House in response to ridiculous claims of Trump Russian involvement in the 2016 election.
Los Angeles, CA – (

A massive iceberg which broke off from Antarctica’s Larsen Shelf today could spell disaster for Los Angeles if it floats too far north from the Antarctic continent.
Moscow – ( According to laryngologists at Moscow’s famous Rear, Nose & Throat Hospital flaxen-heired Ms Junior has tested positive following analysis of intimate swabs. The news comes amid rising US-Russian tensions about KGB interference in 2016’s presidential troll. Uh, poll.
Boston, MA – (

Researchers at the prestigious Harvard School of Media Affairs published a jaw-dropping study showing proof-positive results on what makes a person’s mind think in liberal political terms and the influence of ‘Fake News’ from sources like ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, Time Magazine, and of course, the Wall Street Journal .
Michelle Obama can no longer claim the title of being the first Black First Lady. Historical Researchers have uncovered documents that show Thomas Jefferson actually married his slave Sally Hemings, making her the first Black First Lady. Jefferson, a widower after the death of wife Martha Wayles (died in 1782), was the third President of the United States. It is believed that he fathered six children with Sally Hemings (the first while serving as a Minister to France).
Central Florida, USA – (

The first annual ‘Red-Hot & You’ SatireWorld Fourth of July party was a success due a great country music band ‘The Curlies’ and hundreds of party animals looking for a place to relax and enjoy being around bikini models, satireworld writers, and meeting other fans from all over the US and Europe.
Blountstown, FL – (

The Blountstown Chamber of Commerce released a long anticipated report concerning the effects and repercussions the recent discover of gold deposits have had on the small rural Florida panhandle community. Massive nuggets and almost pure gold flakes have placed the once sleepy Florida town on the map of richest places to live in America.
Washington DC – (

Supreme Court Associate Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has ‘sure slipped a mean one’ right past the Trump Camp’s nose in a 9-Ball recluse refusal, the Associated Mess is reporting tonight.
Denver, CO – (

The Institute for Freedom released its annual report on the state of American politics and it shared some profound revelations. Professor Sidney Campbell’s report highlighted the disparity in 2016 voting trends and some eye opening facts about ex-Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s stunning loss.
Hackensack, NJ – (

The votes are in and counted. The Fat Girls of American have proclaimed the ‘Sexiest Fat Man on Earth’ and it’s no other than Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey.

Gretchen Moore, President of FGOA will be inviting the Governor to a full-blown 15 course meal and ceremony at the Toms River Hyatt on May 15th where Christie will receive a special honor and edible trophy.
London (UK) – (
In a rare peek into the empty heads of those who support the comic book science world of catastrophic global warming, UK writer and global warming activist Elizabeth Moon argues that everyone should be involuntarily implanted with a microchip at birth so that “anonymity would be impossible”.
New York City – (
America’s next generation of youngsters could be four-legged and might howl at the moon if millions of Gen-X female democrats have their way and avoid childbirth.
Washington DC – (
US Supreme Court newby Neil Gorsuch is honing his ‘I-Shot-The-Sheriff’ tonight ahead of next week’s anticipated SCOTUS garage band audition.
A vacancy at the chart-topping line-up cropped up unexpectedly with Associate Justice Scalia’s February 2016 demise.
Irving, Texas – (
Buoyed by his tete-a-tete with President-elect Donald Trump rapper Kanye West has put forward his credentials to bigwigs at ExxonMobil, confident an imminent appointment is in the bag.
The world’s most popular rock and roll band has agreed to play at President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration on January 20th, 2017. This ends weeks of speculation as to who will buck the boycott placed on popular stars and celebrities who have been pressured by Democrat supporters to ignore Trump’s victory and disclaim his Presidency.
Copenhagen – (
Esteemed scientist and 2008 Nobel Science Award recipient, Dr. Newton J. Blather, issued a startling warning to people everywhere concerning disturbing events he has recorded over the past year…Women and their vaginas around the world are cooling down due to global warming.
Washington, DC (
In a shocking turn-around for American taxpayers seeking national debt relief, Treasury officials announced a sweeping step by step plan to eliminate the nation’s debt held by foreign governments, namely China.