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Jerry Fannersgraft was sitting in his college Bio class when, out of the blue, it dawned on him: That one time his dad came into his room sweaty and disheveled, muttering something about The Lion King was in fact “The Sex Talk”. Immediately after this thought, he felt quite ill.
A scientific study finally focuses on something we care about: the Oreo cookie.
McDonald’s CEO, Steve Easterbrook, held a press conference yesterday to finally acknowledge a condition that millions and millions of customers around the globe have had to struggle with for years, sometimes decades: McRegret.
Modern man, it seems, has been much too generous in his estimation of the supposed “fathers of science”.
The Trump administration takes a surprisingly progressive stance with cabinet members.
Local Dallas resident, Eric Naughtbright, was shocked by the punctuation-filled response he received after asking his wife of eight years if she was having her exclamation point again.
Hillary Clinton responds to the Vice President's email scandal.
No brain activity necessary to perform even high-level tasks, study reveals.
This week, during his speech to Congress, President Trump set a personal best for consecutive number of words read in one sitting.
Bank of America Corp. launched its new and improved “honesty campaign” yesterday as part of a nationwide strategy to win back its soul.
Apparently, the vast majority of web surfers suffer from something called lying.
“Dear Kim. Can I call you Kim? It’s a girl’s name. Can I still call you that? I’d like to call you that. My people have a problem. Great people. But people with problems. The problem? Fake News..."
According to the American Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, a recent study revealed that, of all crimes committed in the United States with a firearm, 100% of those crimes had guns involved.