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Tom Seether, well into his late thirties, works at Middlemen Incorporated, a company dedicated to providing services for “middle men”.  He’s disgruntled now.
Last August, Adidas released its all-new Alpha-Jordan NMD-Ultra shoes...This prompted a craze within the frightfully-faced masses to buy the shoes to draw attention away from their ugly mugs.
Pop star and current self-revisionist, Taylor Swift, held an exclusive interview with Iron E! reporter, Ima Noyeen, at her apartment in New York (Swift’s, not Ima’s) and we’re here to give you the inside scoop.
A $100 permit and microchip implant a must for iguana identification?  Too many iguanas?  Watch out.  Iguanas growing to be 6 feet long?  May live 20 years?  Terrorist iguanas?
Area resident and father of two, Harry Fits, was accused yesterday of sneezing under false pretenses.
Gary Choad, an avid white piece only chess player and current resident assistant at UVA, has lost his marbles.
Greg Chortleberger, a clever but wholly unknown armchair physicist, has recently dedicated his life to proving (or falsifying) one of the major aspects of Isaac Newton’s first law of inertia: Objects at rest tend to stay at rest until moved upon by an outside force.
According to the Academic Scientists Society of America, there are ten scientifically proven ways to tell if you are a big fat dummy.
Bill Maher, host of Real Time with Bill Maher, has issued a formal apology for his recent racially charged tweet concerning the tense situation in North Korea.
Self-respecting women all over the globe are giving up their struggle for equality with men, and are now fighting for something – anything – else.
“It’s still so hard to talk about,” Daryl recounted slowly as he rocked back and forth in his chair, the dim light of the iPad casting a glow on his contorted face...
After seatting down one day four a leasurly reed of of his favurit fillosofer, Camoo, redired engrish pufesor Graham Hurnozty had a crishis of egzistenchal portions...
Area anti-socialite, Phil Koff, was wandering down the aisle of his local grocery store–minding his own quiet business–when he spotted a first-time acquaintance, Cher Tumuch, approaching ominously from the other direction.
The latest installment in the animated hit series 'Cars' has revealed a disturbing and dark underbelly of a group of our population that is normally portrayed with all the glossy doe-eyed innocence of little lambs.
Hate is a powerful thing. Powerful enough to divide a house, but apparently, under the right circumstances, strong enough to bring it back together too.
It has come to our attention that the media at large has been using the fame of our brightest stars to generate clicks and garner shallow traffic on their sites. Despicable.
In a surprising series of revelations yesterday, former investment tycoon and current resident of Butner Prison, Bernie Madoff, admitted to the press that he came very close to not going through with his infamous Ponzi scheme back in the late 1970’s.
A new report released by the Television Scientists of America shows the negative impact of reading on the fragile human brain and how it decreases its capacity to fully appreciate a wonder of the modern world: television.