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We scour the web for the political humor videos so you don't have to. No tasteless junk here, just the good stuff. Laugh and enjoy this humor video gallery.
"As far as I'm concerned, Caitlyn Jenner is no different than Hulk Hogan," says pro wrestling fan Brian "Bub" Sisler. By Lee Mays, Humor Times.
Kim Jong-chul, older brother of Kim Jong-un, is North Korea's No. 1 'Swiftie,' and attended a Taylor Swift concert in England. By John Glynn, Humor Times.
In my 15 years working as a librarian, I've learned that we do plenty of things for our patrons that aren't in our job descriptions. By Roz Warren.
"Mammon worship is now the faith in the Land flowing with Koch and Money," said the Lord, throwing his support to Bernie Sanders. Michael Egan, Humor Times.
It's possible that smoking pot was the true Original Sin,' says Sen. Rick Sanitarium, after learning weed makes you horny. By Michael Egan, Humor Times.
Donald Trump, professional candidate for the GOP nomination and bad wig model, says he's rich enough to be the best president. By James Israel, Humor Times.
Seeking to attract a mostly-overlooked constituency by the GOP, women, Sen. Graham goes for the gold. By Mike Kelly.
Shortly after being suspended, news anchor Brian Williams announced that he would begin work on his autobiography, "Insincerely Yours." By John Glynn.
The FIFA Women's World Cup has been canceled. At 1pm PST today, soon-to-be-gone FIFA President Sepp Blatter announced that the games would be canceled after United States goalie Hope Solo "went completely ballistic and burned down Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton."
JUPITER ISLAND, Florida--After several seasons of sub-par performances and pushing through various physical ailments, PGA superstar Tiger Woods is finally regaining his form and performing like a much younger man, according to several local prostitutes. "He definitely has his fire back," says Cookie, a dancer at Sensations, a local club, "He approaches every hole with…
The U.S. Supreme Court will issue a decision on marriage equality at the end of the month, but Jeb Bush isn't wasting any time in preparing for the chaos he thinks will ensue. On Friday, he started a petition to declare Florida an independent nation should the Supreme Court rule in favor of marriage equality.
WASHINGTON D.C. (The Barbed Wire) - Finally explaining their unexplainable actions in Congress since the midterm elections last November, House and Senate leaders announced today that they were "transpolitical," meaning they consider themselves to be a member of both political parties.
Fort Smith, AR – Miles Yorkman is an eccentric philanthropist who likes to sit naked on his front lawn and think about different ways he can help people.  He is a multi-millionaire who won a $407 million powerball jackpot last year.  Neighbors are not thrilled by Yorkman’s odd behavior but they know he helps a lot of people so they choose to look the other way.
After weeks of denying it, Chris Evans has finally agreed to grow a large stomach and die his hair brown in one of the biggest U-turns in broadcasting history since Channel 5 took over Big Brother.
MOUNTAIN VIEW, California (The Adobo Chronicles) - Forgot your password yet again? No worries. There's  a new technology now in the market that will revolutionize identity recognition for unlocking your smart phone, using the ATM, or gaining access to maximum security areas. Until recently, fingerprints and the eye's iris have been the highest standard in identity technology.…
Ruby42 is back to help Jeremy and Sunny discuss female-friendly things, like analingus payment methods and the acceptable way to be raunchy on a Christian Mingle profile.
"Hmmm. That sounds horribly like pigs in blankets and we all know how that turned out."
Louisiana's flagship university is hoping to raise extra funds by raising medically prescribed cannabis on its Parade Ground, LSU Chancellor and President F. King Alexander says.
Consumer advocate and former presidential candidate Ralph Nader says he is close to opening the doors to his own Washington D.C. swingers club.