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Dateline: ATLANTA—A new anchor at CNN, Guy Hoogetsit, has criticized his colleagues at the cable news station for failing to understand the point of Donald Trump’s election, and maintains that the only way for members of the corporate media to properly report on President Trump is to simultaneously hit themselves repeatedly in the face. Mr. […]
The Southern Poverty Law Center has been at the forefront of many important agendas of American civic life, for quite some time. The poor, the Southern and most of all, the legalistic, have all sought shelter under the wings of the holy dove of mercy. But speaking of holy doves; the SPLC has provoked a […]
Despite many recent controversial public communications, Wikileaks have recently scored their greatest coup yet. They have discovered a state terrorism cover-up from hostile foreign states that NASA and US intel are steadfastly refusing to talk about. This is HUGE. Make sure you click on all the links below, to find about lot of easy information […]
A very sad and poignant chapter. But not without hope. Mourning, not without hope. The poem from Kipling is real. As for Saul’s poem, see this: Did you catch Saul’s other poem, at the end of Volume II? The imam frowned as Jim gazed up at him innocently. “We are busy now. We are […]
Every day until Thursday, there’ll be a new instalment in our latest “Who Said it First?” quiz series. Previously, it was Tony Blair and Hitler. This time, it’s the Garcon-Wonder, Emmanuel Macron. On the fourth and final day, the quiz answers will appear. Make sure to tell your friends; and feel free to share the […]
The Garcon-Wonder Emmanuel Macron is facing some stiff challenges in times to come. Not least, the somewhat superficially sinister character of some of his pronouncements. Can you work out which quotes are from Macron, and which are from Mussolini? 1. The status quo leads to self-destruction. 2. Socialism is a fraud, a comedy, a phantom, […]
Hope you’re enjoying the new quiz! How many did you get right last time??? 9. We go to battle against the plutocratic and reactionary democracies of the West. 10. If the middle class thinks that we are going to be their lightning rods, they are mistaken. 11. I am not some mere liberal movement… I […]
“A remote temple in the Pennsylvania mountains,” sighed Adolph. “A somewhat unusual place to talk shop? At least, so I would have thought, if you would excuse my plainness of speech.” For the first time in months Deborah Mona Willow’s voice ran out like a silver bell. “Our friend is well heard!” As they splashed […]
Stonehenge tour guide buffoon Charles ‘Rocky’ Stone has taken his employer to court for unfair dismissal. Stone 56, was fired for misleading tourists with ill-informed facts and research. Stone commented: It’s a gross injustice. Some of my Stonehenge facts may be disputable but they are also undeniable. I grew up in Stonehenge – as kids we’d […]
Saul Friedman sat and stared at the grave. “Lucy, Lucy, Luce-Luce-Luce,” he snorted, as he burst into tears. There was no frickin’ justice in this world; that’s one thing for sure, ah hah hah… But these assholes! These frickin’ assholes! “Fuck you!” Saul shrieked at the top of his voice, shaking his fist at the […]
19. All ideologies are of equal value… All ideologies are mere fictions… Everybody has the right to create for himself his own ideology and to attempt to enforce it with all the energy of which he is capable. 20. There is no such thing as French culture. 21. Nothing will ever make me believe that […]
Just days after the cast of the Jurassic World sequel Fallen Kingdom finished filming, exciting plot info has been disclosed, intimating that a second shocking hybrid dinosaur species could be introduced to the plot of Jurassic World 2. It’s thought that the hybrid dinosaur will be even scarier than the first that was at the […]
You are probably aware that betting is a phenomenon that is fast catching on, and many people are engaging in this activity daily. One has no way of knowing that you will win when you do gamble, but it is better to ensure your finances are safe when you delve into the habit. It is […]
And here’s the final part! The answers appear in five minutes. If you found it funny (or just downright disturbing), feel free to share and tell your friends! 24. I have a vision of my country, and I cannot sit and watch things pass by. 25. You cannot get rid of me… You hate me […]
Hope you enjoyed the quiz! Answers: 1. Macron 2. Mussolini 3. Macron 4. Macron 5. Mussolini 6. Macron 7. Macron 8. Macron 9. Mussolini 10. Mussolini 11. Macron 12. Mussolini 13. Macron 14. Mussolini 15. Mussolini 16. Macron 17. Macron 18. Mussolini 19. Mussolini 20. Macron 21. Mussolini 22. Macron 23. Mussolini 24. Macron 25. […]
NFL ratings are still falling. And if you thought the league didn’t care, you were dead wrong. There is so much to consider in the game of football than the sports betting odds for this season. And chief amongst these considerations is the manner in which the game of football is viewed. You wouldn’t expect the […]
Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) is calling for using food stamp recipients and Planned Parenthood workers to help build President Trump’s southern border wall, the Washington Examiner reported Wednesday. Food stamp recipients would become part of the foundation of the wall, while Planned Parenthood workers, including doctors who provide abortions, would be part of the labor […]
Having met with top campaign contributor and social media guru Vladimir Putin, Trump came out glowing with the announcement that Alaska will be returned to Russia for “a full refund, cash!” The United States purchased Alaska from Russia in 1867 for $7.2 million dollars. Effective immediately, the territory will be returned to Russia complete with […]
Melania Trump is filing divorce papers. The First Lady is finally sick of the Donald’s ‘unreasonable behavior.’ This confidential excerpt is very revealing. #1 A bidet is not a toilet. Not even if you are the best bidet sitter of all. The Donald bidet-sits the best! Nobody sits bidets like the Donald. Well, yeah. Nobody shits them either, like […]
Saul Friedman exited the funeral hall, still holding his messy clump of flowers. Big Xian’s sister-in-law warmly smiled through her tears. ‘Thank you for the flowers,’ she whispered. Saul didn’t hear her. He slouched towards the exit of the funeral hall. Civil funerals were never quite his thing. They always seemed to be missing something. […]