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New Uber-like app Stiff Shifters offering to provide customers with hearse within fifteen minutes for cut price funeral services under fire from users. Mourners claim 'hearses' have included ice cream vans and complain of coffins carried on roof racks.
Did Mexico fake recent earthquake in order to defraud US and other donors of relief funds? US 'Shock Jock' controversially claims natural disasters are 'racket' on part of poorer countries to siphon billions of dollars from wealthy states.
British Secret Service slammed by new report claiming SPECTRE, KGB and other evil secret organisations have better record on employing women, homosexuals and ethnic minorities. Accused of having 'Licence to Discriminate' against minorities.
Did surgeons save Princess Diana's brain on night of fatal Paris car crash? New documentary film makes extraordinary claim that Diana's brain still lives and exerts telepathic influence over her family!
What the is wrong with people? Are they completely stupid? You’d think that, with Nazis on the rise again, emboldened by the election of crypto-fascists like Trump, any sane person would be behind anyone opposing fascists. But no, we're now being told that it is the anti-fascists who are somehow the bad guys!
Are tourists turning terrorist? Incredible claims that disgruntled foreign visitors hitting back at cities calling for curbs on tourism with suicide bombings. Secret terror travel agencies offering 'all inclusive' terror breaks.
'I let my house to a serial killer!' complains Airbnb customer. Users of Airbnb and similar services share tales of how their properties were used as porn movie sets and temporary brothels!
Former Royal medium reveals Princess Diana's sensational post-mortem affairs. TV station condemned for airing recordings of seances in which Lady Di chronicles afterlife assignations with Errol Flynn and John Lennon.
Hipsters in a Haunted House features a trio of London hipsters who have ventured from the safety of gentrified Spitalfields for deepest, darkest ‘Mummerset’ en route to the Newton Abbot Beard Championships. Seeking shelter from a storm as they drive to the contest, they find themselves in a supposedly haunted house.
Anger as 'Sex Dungeon Shed' disqualified from local heat of 'Shed of the Year' contest. Investigation uncovers secrets of Britain's garden sheds as private prisons and sleazy photographic studios exposed as successful entrants in competition.
As Doctor Who fans rage over character's regeneration into a woman, former Who actor claims BBC tried to force him into sex change in 1970s. While gay fans claim gender change is homophobic plot to destroy gay icon, straight fans claim feminist plot to emasculate them.
Should sex robots looking like children be banned? Experts warn of potential perils posed by realistic sex bots, including sexual harassment by proxy. Should they only be playthings of wealthy sex offenders, or available to the masses to facilitate redistribution of sexual intercourse?
We’re facing an ‘epidemic’ of loneliness, apparently. It’s all to do with more and more people living on their own and the socially isolating effects of modern technology and communication. Actual, face-to-face human interactions are on the decline. Personally, I think that it is all a load of bollocks.
Are modern conspiracy theories rubbish? Startling claims from top conspiracy theorists that recent conspiracies such as Manchester bombing and Kensington fire have been poorly conceived and ineptly carried out. Call for return to classic conspiracies involving Aliens, Nazis and replicants.
"It is completely untrue that we ever planned a story accusing Robert Robinson, Frank Muir and Patrick Campbell of behind the scenes sex romps with minors whilst recording Call My Bluff in the early seventies". More completely unfounded celebrity gossip.
Were London Bridge attackers actually part of Jihadi terror re-enactment group? Bizarre tabloid claims that whole terror incident a tragic misunderstanding with make believe terrorists armed with fake suicide bomb belts and rubber knives mistaken by police for real thing.
Are serious diseases like cancer a medical scam? Astonishing claims from Tory politician that most sicknesses invented by medics to justify existence of National Health Service and swindle billions of ponds of tax payers money to fund bogus treatments for fake diseases!
Were police sent to guard the mortuary holding ‘Moors Murderer’ Ian Brady’s body due to fears that an attempt would be made to resurrect him? Tabloids accused of exploiting dead killer's notoriety for circulation with bizarre stories of body snatching and return from the grave.
Is Labour planning to, literally, take Britain back to the seventies? Journalist claims manifesto promises compulsory strikes, radio prog rock quotas and peadophile children's TV presenters. Austin Allegro and Hillman to be put back in production and digital TV scrapped in favour of traditional three channel TV.
Does fame obsessed media treat victims of non-celebrity sex offenders as 'second class'? Victims' group demands equal access to celebrity sex offenders for working class kids, to ensure high profile and potentially lucrative reporting of their stories.