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Yelp launched today, a new website that will allow users to evaluate businesses they patronize in their dreams.
With rape rates continuing to rise and wait times for abortions stretching well over 12 months in many states, record baby supplies are making for an unprecedented adopters' market in the US.
Dan Boyer of Tempe, Arizona took his 40,000th crap this week.
White people around the globe can celebrate today after once again being named the top race in the world by the International Racist Institute of Greenville, South Carolina.
The Littlefield Police Department has acquired a 200 kiloton nuclear warhead under a Department of Defense program that distributes surplus weapons to local agencies throughout the country.
As temperatures continue to rise around the country this week, the Supreme Court's June 26th ruling in favor of gay marriage already appears to be causing observable effects on the environment, many experts say.
Twin fences purportedly intended to protect the nation's borders with Canada and Mexico appear to be swinging inward and upward in a manner that has many residents of the nation's Southern and Midwestern states worried.
64 year-old Kenny Butler, a pillar of the community in his hometown of Chesterfield, Illinois, is likely some kind of sex freak, most of his neighbors say.
Battling cancer since he was five, Jake Doughty's illness never gave him a chance to go hunting or even fire a gun, but the 10 year-old still managed to take down a white tail buck before he died Monday.
Leo Tolstoy's War and Peace, widely regarded as one of the most important novels of world literature, has been given a 21st century refashioning to make it less boring for modern readers.
Communist candidate for president Bernie Sanders called for a ban on Thanksgiving today, disparaging America's most solemn and cherished of traditions.
Despite stubborn opposition from their youngest member, the Peterson family of Willow Brook Lane in San Jose, California will poison themselves together this weekend after systematically destroying all their possessions, patriarch Dennis reports.
A 9 year-old Decatur, Georgia boy castrated himself yesterday, bringing the number of Caitlyn Jenner-related mutilations by children up to 15 since the former Olympian underwent his own sex reassignment surgery last month.
The scandal surrounding Bill Cosby's alleged history of sexual misconduct grew exponentially today after the comedian was implicated in the operation of a recently discovered baby farm run by Planned Parenthood.
Every student who entered the 2015 Purina Puppy Chow National Spelling Bee clinched the title yesterday by attempting to spell words.
Entangled in the sexual abuse scandal swirling around one of his 10 sons, "19 Kids and Counting" patriarch Jim Bob Duggar pointed out today that less than 6% of his children are child molesters.
Rick Santorum has launched a presidential exploratory committee that will attempt to discover a way to travel back in time to the year 1947.