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Shockingly now homeless since his fall from grace last Summer, the once monumental movie mogul allegedly exposed himself to an outreach volunteer when she attempted to give him a sandwich this weekend.
Coming just days after the rogue nation announced that it would participate in this year's Winter Olympic Games, the bobsled, reportedly capable of reaching a velocity of 1,300 MPH in under two seconds, would likely be hard to beat.
The dog, a male mutt named Dumbass, has reportedly been with the family since November, when he advised the President to endorse alleged child molester Roy Moore in his run for the US Senate...
With his family lacking health insurance and unable to pay for a pricey prosthetic, Jordan Liddle had resigned himself to being limbless long-term - that is until a group of his fellow Meriwether Lewis Middle School came together to give their friend a new lease on life.
President Donald Trump reviews the Netflix series "Dark"
Looking to keep up with other chains who are expanding their own selection of inexpensive items, McDonald's will introduce the 89c "Mystery Sampler" of partially consumed food to their budget menu this week.
Officials at the Environmental Protection Agency, the agency tasked with protecting human health and the environment, are now under order by the Trump administration to stop using words including "health" and "environment" in official documents and other communications.
President Tonald Drump's approval rating rose to 91% in the latest poll released by the Pew Research Center, a new high since he took office in January.
After spending weeks in damage control against allegations that their candidate is a child molester, Roy Moore's campaign is now looking to mobilize Alabama's sizable pedophile population to put him over the top in his Senatorial race against Doug Jones.
Roy Moore, the openly retarded Republican candidate running to fill Attorney General Jeff Sessions' Senate seat in this year's special election, is currently leading Democratic contender Doug Jones, who is an attorney, by 2 to 5 points in recent polls.
Diverging somewhat from the non-partisian Congressional Budget Office's analysis of the bill, which projected it would balloon the nation's deficit by $1.4 trillion within the first 10 years of its implementation while having an unknown effect on job growth, the WHBO's assessment was considerably more favorable of the legislation.
With the fourth Thursday of November upon us, millions of American households will sit down to observe their final Thanksgiving together this week.
Having just returned from a grueling 13-day, 5 nation tour of Asia, President Trump may be disappointed to learn that he could be asked to spend a lot more time abroad after an analysis revealed that his trip made the region significantly dumber.
Jon Stewart became the latest celebrity to face charges of sexual misconduct today after it was alleged that the actor and comedian anally assaulted hundreds of kittens while volunteering at a Long Island animal shelter.
President Trump's embattled former campaign manager Paul Manafort was shot by an Atlantic City night-club owner today as he was being transported from his Trump Tower condo to a New York City-area detention center for his own safety.
Still facing fallout over a phone call he placed to the widow of a Green Beret killed in Niger last week that many deemed insensitive, Donald Trump sought to mend fences with the family today by sending a Subway party sub to their home.
A new report released by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Friday reveals that dogs and cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and even fish in the US and around the world are suffering an unprecedented burden at the hands of their emotionally distraught owners since Donald Trump was elected President last November.
Debunking the commonly held belief that ex-49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick was the first NFL player to take a knee during the National Anthem, it was discovered this weekend that retired star running back Ricky Williams has been protesting racial injustice in the same manner from the privacy of his own home since 2012.
Okay, yeah, so it was recently revealed that after a lengthy political career as an outspoken opponent of abortion I asked a woman with whom I had been engaged in an extramarital affair to terminate her pregnancy, but, well. Let's just say, no more abortions again, starting... now!
One week after being revived from the vegetative state in which he has spent the last two years, Brian Walcott of Columbus, Ohio has made one simple request of the medical miracle workers who brought him back from the abyss: "Put me back under."