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Skeletor, an evil demon from another dimension, said he can no longer stand by as the liberal media attacks simple middle class people like himself.
In the rush to quickly fill federal district court appointments, critics wonder if nominees are being properly vetted, as Eric Cartman comes up for a vote.
President Trump today visited the Great Wall of China and admired the famous structure, and was also surprised that Mexicans could travel so far on foot.
Already pushed to the limit by the 45th President’s relentless Tweeting, the nation became unglued as he utilized the new 280 character limit.
Detectives discovered yet another victim in a string of unsolved murders committed by the infamous 1980s trivia fan, the "Legwarmer Murderer".
President Trump today sought to put some distance between another figure in his administration who met with Russian diplomats, his son-in-law, Jared.
Although he keeps a busy schedule making the world a more evil place, the Devil is glad to take time out to rule in favor of your bank.
According to people in your town, fall is again shaping up to be that time of year once again.
In a startling revelation today, a congressional investigation was launched to examine whether a KGB officer played right field for the Dodgers in the NLCS.
The US Soccer Team may have failed to qualify for the World Cup for the first time since 1986 by losing to Trinidad & Tobago, but on the bright side, they might become US Secretary of State.
With the US congress unable to repeal Obamacare, President Trump decided to fix the health care system by firing each and every NFL player.
Motivational Speaker Brad Elldon is thinking about sliding some of his positive messaging into your DM for your consideration.
A man kneeling to pray during the national anthem at AT&T stadium confounded the Vice President who was unsure whether to applaud him, or run him out of town on a rail.
Another bombshell dropped concerning US Representative Tim Murphy this week when it was revealed that he was a fake Pirates fan.
Knowing that he could probably use some cheering up, comedian Bill Cosby reportedly shared an inspirational kitten posting with producer Harvey Weinstein.
Amid concerns for their safety, and fearing that their second amendment rights may be under attack, animals have been purchasing guns in large numbers.
Saddened by the loss of a great American, President Trump demands Congress consider a national memorial to the fallen nudie picture pioneer.
Authorities have released the name of a fugitive responsible for a 7-state crime spree this morning, and it's your daughter.
A new restaurant owned by a local family opened this week to great fanfare in downtown Killapsee before promptly shutting down for good 8 hours later.
Surrounded by the intense noises of her family and pets, local mom credits noise-cancelling headphones with saving her life.