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Surrounded by the intense noises of her family and pets, local mom credits noise-cancelling headphones with saving her life.
Not just NBA fans in the United States bristled at President Trumps tweet to Stephen Curry, but reclusive dictators were also up in arms.
Officials at Alcatraz Island, the infamous prison and tourist attraction, apparently have started contingency planning to house members of the Executive Branch.
In New York this week, the president sought to right what he saw as a terrible wrong, namely that the United Nations had been thieving all of his money.
Amid the chaos of two hurricanes, an earthquake in Mexico, and the threat of nuclear war with North Korea, Former President Barack Obama unexpectedly jumped into a space shuttle and blasted off into outer space.
An English teacher attempting to organize one of President Trump's sentences in a grammar diagram found herself in a world she no longer recognized.
Our top-rated Fantasy Foot Rub picks are in for this week. Find out who we picked and why.
As airlines continue to reduce the space available for passenger seating, one man struggles to keep his sanity after being squeezed into a monitor.