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Ivanka scores space in daddy's West Wing for a classy sales pitch. Eat yer heart out, Nordstroms.
Donald's .357 tries to match Kim Jong Un's antiaircraft guns. Tillerson weighs in over the nuclear button. Brinksmanship? No, it's reckless stupidity.
Donald was embarrassed in Knoxville. He said security kept many fans waiting outside. Doubt that, Donny; they were protesters.
The Official Guide to Big Boy's Gestures (excluding nose picks and crotch scratching).
"Just tryin' ta help," he says, while transferring more funds to his offshore bank account. A painful process to watch, unless yer putting the fifth hole at Mar-a-Lago.
Yemen claims Obama tapped its one land line phone--wait--Pakistan, no, I think it was it China! (Too many damn foreign countries.) Sue 'em!
Admission Requirements: Lie without grinning, look confused, provide Alternate Facts. Indoor record holder: Donald (25 per week).
Ivanka tackles Net Income, demonstrating some creative accounting. Based on how she out-sources clothes production, we can trust HER numbers. Right? (I can't hear you....)
"There are three kinds of lies: Lies, damned lies, and statistics," Donald's only skill set. (Mark Twain and Benjamin Disraeli)
Falling off the back of a truck, this X-ray clearly shows the vacuum inside Steve Miller's head. As Donald says, "Sad."
Chaos continues, despite his monotonous, self-serving blather. No quick fixes here. It takes honesty, work and compromise, which Donald doesn’t have.
QUESTION: How much evidence is needed to judge Donald's worthiness to hold the world's most powerful position?
DONALD'S ANSWER: Kiss my ass....
General James (“Mad Dog”) Mattis (USMC) became Donald’s Secretary of Defense on January 20. Donald accumulated his fiftieth lawsuit against his presidential actions in the third week of his first political career, ten times as many as the last three presidents.