Not All Writers Are On Strike: "Enduring Vision" Wins 3rd Annual HumorFeed Competition

February 1, 2008

The third annual HumorFeed Satire News Awards showed that there's no shortage of good writing outside the WGA, as satire site The Enduring Vision took first place with a story satirizing both domestic and foreign affairs, Ford To Market Car Bomb Models In Iraq, amidst stiff competition.

Members of the five-judge panel, which included journalists and writers from National Public Radio, Fox News, and the BBC, were unanimously complimentary about the winning story. "Hitting Detroit and the war in the space of a few well-chosen lines is a winner," said Robert Zelnick, chairman of the Journalism department at Boston University. "It was well done... Takes a morbid subject and makes it funny," added NPR correspondent Eric Weiner, author of Geography of Bliss.

Enduring Vision webmaster Josh Righter, 23, sees the story as more an exploration of the absurd than a political piece.

"Like any satire, my purpose for the site has always been to draw attention to things that I feel are silly," said Righter. "Fortunately, there are enough silly things in the world to have gotten us over 2,000 articles so far, although in fairness 1,800 of those are basically the same thing."

The Enduring Vision's entry faced close competition from the other ten finalists ranked by the judging panel. Sports Pickle came in second with Homeschool Phenom Scores 118 Points Against His Mom, followed by The Gay Black Jew in third with Bush Down to 8 Friends on MySpace.

HumorFeed is a selective association of independent satire news websites from the U.S., U.K., Canada, and Sweden. It lists daily news satire headlines submitted by its members - over 3,000 stories in 2007. Admission is based on talent and involves a rigorous peer review process. Each January, over 40 sites take part in the competition.

"The winning story was very believable," said Fox News reporter Dave Kartunen. "[It] reads so smoothly you forget you're reading satire."

The panel also included BBC comedy writer Andrew Marlatt, of Satire Wire fame, and syndicated columnist Madeleine Begun Kane. The top ten HumorFeed stories of 2007, as ranked by the judging panel, are:

  1. Ford To Market Car Bomb Models In Iraq (Enduring Vision)
  2. Homeschool Phenom Scores 118 Points Against His Mom (Sports Pickle)
  3. Bush Down to 8 Friends on MySpace (The Gay Black Jew)
  4. Researchers Identify Gene That Leads To Gene Research (Giant Napkin)
  5. Hundreds Flock to View Image of Jesus in Vomit Puddle (News Mutiny)
  6. World's Oldest Person Not Yet Dead (Avant News)
  7. The Myway Code: How to Indicate Using Smoke Signals (Department of Social Scrutiny)
  8. 300 Evacuated in Ritz Hotel Drama (The Observant)
  9. Report: 78 Percent of Angry Teens Too Lazy to Run Away From Home (Recoil Magazine)
  10. Boston Police Blow Up Suspicious Looking Man (BBspot)

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