Editor's Choice: Entries in the Third Annual HumorFeed Satire News Awards

Site NameHeadline
CAP NewsMicrosoft Unveils Long-Awaited eToilet
BBspotBoston Police Blow Up Suspicious Looking Man
Glossy NewsBush Commands AF-1 Due South to Greenland, Stays the Course
DeadBrain UKJedi Knight Demands Right to Carry Laser Weapon in School
Avant NewsWorld's Oldest Person Not Yet Dead
Travel FoxAirplane Lavatories to Disappear
DeadBrain USIceland Announces Switch to Hydrogen-Fuel Starting with All Seven Cars
The World's Voice of ReasonChaos As Wrong Man Introduced As President Before 'State Of Union'
The UncoverorGeraldo Rivera To Open Saddam Hussein's Vaults.
News MutinyHundreds Flock to View Image of Jesus in Vomit Puddle
Red Tractor USACell phones for the homeless
The Gay Black JewBush Down to 8 Friends on MySpace
Broken NewzHollywood Male Sexual Energy Directed At Al Gore Depleting Ozone Layer
Confusion RoadExperts Warn of Outbreak of 'Cry Wolf Syndrome'
NewsBiscuitFire Brigade Turned Up Late To Burning Pizza Shop ‘As Satirical Statement’
Triple Action NewsWeapons of Midnight Mass Destruction Deployed in War on Christmas
CrackedCaring For Your Pet Lohan
Department of Social ScrutinyThe Myway Code: How to Indicate Using Smoke Signals
Underneath PoliticsO'Reilly Factor Guest Spends Segment Trying to Fool Body Language Expert
The Giant NapkinResearchers Identify Gene That Leads To Gene Research
Perplexing TimesProtesters Speak Out from 'Free Speech Corners'
The Satirical Political ReportThe 'Fear in Review': Diary of a Scared Congress
The Specious ReportBush Places Sixth Among All U.S. Presidents
All Day CoffeeUsing Blackwater Contractors to Remodel my House was a Poor Idea
JewlariousPillsbury Doughboy Burned in Tragic Passover Cleaning Accident
The Onion BagSex tape sparks calls for greater use of video technology
Lowlights NowAnna Nicole Smith Mourned Into Clean Athletic Sock
Sports PickleHomeschool Phenom Scores 118 Points Against His Mom
Recoil magazineReport: 78 Percent of Angry Teens Too Lazy to Run Away From Home
MaximumliesAmy Winehouse Launches Off-Licence Chain
Opinions You Should HaveJustice Aide To Invoke 5th, 6th And 7th Amendments To Avoid Testifying
Studio 8 EntertainmentHard-Pore Corn Getting Farmers Extremely Excited
The Enduring VisionFord To Market Car Bomb Models In Iraq
The KnishWinner of "America's Next Top Mohel" Announced
BSNewsCondi Rice Quite Proud Of One Giant Bang
Last Week's NewsDon Imus Apologizes to Nappy-Headed Ho
The Observant300 Evacuated in Ritz Hotel Drama
SlantmouthDawn of the Well-Fed
National NitwitVehicles of Dashboard Pianist, Air Drummer in Deadly Crash
BIGfibUpon Return, Jesus Taken For Pussy Liberal
BrainsnapNew Zealand Man Goes On Spree With Stapler

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