HumorFeed Picks Top Ten Satire News Stories of 2006

Press release: January 16, 2007

Major media outlets around the world understand this basic truth: If you want to understand what was important in any given year, you need to know what was worth making fun of. Top web satire organization HumorFeed has obliged with its second annual Satire News Competition, picking ten finalists from over 3,500 headlines listed in 2006. In the next two weeks, a panel of top journalists and humorists will crown the three champions from this list.

HumorFeed is a highly selective, cooperative association of satire news and parody websites formed in 2003. Today it's the web's leading humor news aggregator, boasting the work of nearly sixty member sites from the US, UK, Canada, and even Sweden. Over the past two weeks, its members have been working hard to select the best ten stories for the year.

"Our members are their own toughest critics," said E.F. Watley, HumorFeed administrator. "They know a good story when they see one, and have come up with a terrific group of finalists this year."

The ten HumorFeed finalists for 2006 are as follows (in alphabetical order, by website):

The ten finalists are now being judged by HumorFeed's unique panel of outside experts, including:

  • Andrew Marlatt, bestselling author and legendary SatireWire creator
  • Nationally syndicated columnist Madeline Kane, of MadKane
  • Eric Weiner, correspondent for National Public Radio
  • Emmy Award-winning journalist Robert Zelnick, chairman of the Journalism department at Boston University
  • Senior New York Times writer John Markoff

Last year the panel crowned BS News' story on Bush selling Louisiana back to the French the top story out of a tough field; "I was impressed with the caliber of the entries," said Weiner following the last competition. With new entries from many of last years' finalists, plus several promising newcomers, the judges have their work cut out for them this year.

The top story of 2006 will be announced on February 1.

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