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16 hours 0 Experts Now Agree The Computer Is NOT A 20th Century Invention | Adobo Chronicles News Satire AdoboChron
1 day 2 hours 27 minutes 0 Local Farmer Complains of ‘Sore Nose’ After Visit By History Channel’s American Pickers News Satire satireworld
2 days 0 Black Man Selected First Overall in NBA Draft News Satire Merrick
4 days 0 Trump Pens New Bible Passages to Justify Migrant Family Separations News Satire Merrick
5 days 0 Golden Showers Update: Possession Is Nine-Tenths Of The Law Exorcists Tell Robert Mueller News Satire satireworld
6 days 0 Democrats Stage Surprise Visit to Juvenile Detainee Camp-Find It So Nice 3 Plan To Stay News Satire satireworld
9 days 0 Strange Happenings Reported in North Korea News Satire satireworld
9 days 0 Trump Invites Kevin Love and Kyle Korver to White House News Satire Merrick
11 days 0 Donald Trump Sought Kim Jung-on’s Advice On How To Stage A Military Parade | Adobo Chronicles News Satire AdoboChron
13 days 0 Poor John McCain | You make the news...We report it! News Satire satireworld
13 days 0 When Kim Jung-on And Donald Trump Meet In Singapore, They Both Will Unveil New Hairstyles News Satire AdoboChron
13 days 0 U.S.-North Korea Summit In Singapore: The Calm Before The Storm | Adobo Chronicles News Satire AdoboChron
14 days 0 Alice Marie Johnson Busted with Over 20 Kilos of Ecstasy News Satire Merrick
17 days 0 Marriage of Inconvenience | The Sleaze | UK News Satire and Humour News Satire docsleaze
17 days 0 I Shagged Hitler's Brains Out | The Sleaze | UK News Satire and Humour News Satire docsleaze
18 days 0 Hillary Receives the Prestigious EMF Award From the NAACP News Satire satireworld
18 days 0 Sarah Sanders Slaps Boy Straight Across the Mouth News Satire Merrick
18 days 0 Miss America Organization Drops Swimsuit Competition News Satire satireworld
21 days 0 Mount Rushmore’s Expansion Project Finished In Time For Tourists News Satire satireworld
22 days 0 TV’s ‘Dog Whisperer’ Announces Pending Divorce. Wife Of 16 Years Cites Too Much Doggie-Style News Satire satireworld
23 days 0 New Bacheroulette Show To Select Husband At Random News Satire MakeAmericaTheBest
23 days 0 Selfitis: American Psychiatric Association Admits It Used Wrong Term To Describe Mental Disorder News Satire AdoboChron
24 days 0 Trump at White House Prison Summit…. Kim Kardashian Has A Really Fat Ass News Satire satireworld
25 days 0 Justin Bieber Puts Engagement Ring On Finger Of Selena Gomez News Satire satireworld
25 days 0 Zelda Crunch to Receive the Nobel Prize News Satire satireworld

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