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23 hours 0 FBI Uncovers Shark Plot To Overthrow US Government News Satire MakeAmericaTheBest
2 days 0.5 It’s Official Now – The Internet Is Now More Annoying Than Television Ever Was. News Satire glossynews
2 days 0.5 I Serve White House Guests the Nicest Bottles of Diet Coke News Satire PointsInCase
2 days 0.5 Facebook change to news feeds opens door for Friends Reunited to strike back News Satire NewsBiscuit
2 days 0.5 White House Staffer Leaks The Actual Cognitive Test Administered To The President News Satire DailyDiscord
2 days 0.5 The Jerry Duncan Show: Interview with Elizabeth Warren News Satire humortimes
2 days 0 “I Got Mad Cow Disease From Eating Gummi Worms” News Satire satireworld
3 days 0 Man Receiving 23rd Text From Boss While On Vacation Not Coming Back To Work News Satire MakeAmericaTheBest
3 days 0 What do We Know about Brady’s Hand Injury? Not much after Restraining Order News Satire ironenews
3 days 0 Bitcoin Investors Lose Everything After Big Gulp Spilled on Harddrive - Hooba Canoes News Satire HoobaCanoes
4 days 0 Palestinian Leader Yasser Arafat’s Body To Be Exhumed For the Third Time News Satire satireworld
4 days 0 Penniless Weinstein Sexually Harasses Homeless Volunteer News Satire Merrick
5 days 0 Book Publishers to Re-Release Classic “How To Skin A Cat” News Satire satireworld
5 days 0 Ex-President Obama Diagnosed With Speech Impediment News Satire satireworld
6 days 0 Trump Literally Takes Dump on Flag, White House Says Media is Overreacting News Satire HoobaCanoes
6 days 0 Obama Decides To Leave Ex-Presidents, Will Embark On Solo Career News Satire MakeAmericaTheBest
7 days 0.5 FIRE AND FURY – INSIDE THE TRUMP EARLY YEARS News Satire glossynews
7 days 0.5 Five Little-Known Facts About Davy Crockett News Satire PointsInCase
7 days 0.5 Trump denies snubbing UK News Satire NewsBiscuit
7 days 0.5 Post Trump’s Remarks The King Center Spares No Expense Spinning Tomb Of MLK Jr. For Entire Weekend News Satire DailyDiscord
7 days 0.5 “Like, Really Smart, and the Stablest Ever!” – Latest Edition of the Humor Times Free App! News Satire humortimes
7 days 0 White House: “Unlikely Trump said ‘shithole’ because it’s a two-syllable word” News Satire ironenews
7 days 0 Hawaiian Civil Defense Worker Blames Candy Crush For False Alarm News Satire MakeAmericaTheBest
8 days 0 Senator Bernie Sanders Infrastructure Plan Uncovered News Satire satireworld
8 days 0 Trump Stumped In Failed US London Embassy Flip News Satire satireworld

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