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4 days 0 HOA Cites Potential Serial Killer for Real Halloween Corpses News Satire Merrick
10 days 0 NFL Vows to Publicly Embarrass Everyone Jon Gruden Insulted in Emails News Satire Merrick
16 days 0 Your Venn Guide to Not Committing Cultural Appropriation News Satire Merrick
25 days 0 Taliban Issues Edict Banning Men from Wearing Clothes News Satire Merrick
32 days 0 Boy's Science Fair Project Proposes Mass Murder to Curb Climate Change News Satire Merrick
38 days 0 Texas Repeals Abortion Law After Study Finds Most Babies Would Vote Dem News Satire Merrick
43 days 0 Nation Disgusted, Excited Over Court Ordering Britney Spears to Play Super Bowl News Satire Merrick
61 days 0 Cozy New Downtown LA Starter Listed at $1.2 Million News Satire Merrick
68 days 0 Taliban Swiftly Takes Over Afghanistan with Threats of Violence News Satire Merrick
75 days 0 Marjorie Taylor Greene Applauds Low Vaccination Rate at COVID Funeral News Satire Merrick
82 days 0 The Great COVID Hoax: Why Do Nurses Lie? News Satire Merrick
89 days 0 American Men Sweep Medals in Mass Shooting News Satire Merrick
97 days 0 All COVID Patients Currently in LA County Hospitals Stupid News Satire Merrick
103 days 0 Latest 7-Point Plan to Reinstate Donald Trump Slightly Less Outlandish News Satire Merrick
110 days 0 Conservative 2B Eric Sogard Claims All-Star Voting Fraud, Demands Spot on Team News Satire Merrick
116 days 0 Study: Spanking Children Briefly Reduces Stress Levels of Parents News Satire Merrick
124 days 0 Alternate Critical Race Theory Contends that Blacks Enslaved Whites News Satire Merrick
130 days 0 Man Who Accidentally Shot Own Son Accidentally Shoots Wife, Priest at Funeral News Satire Merrick
138 days 0 More Americans Claiming Their Right to Drive on Preferred Side of Highway News Satire Merrick
144 days 0 Humans Race to Resume Turning Planet into Living Hell News Satire Merrick
152 days 0 Marjorie Greene Compares ADA's Daily Floss Recommendation to Stalin's Purges News Satire Merrick
159 days 0 Palestinian Evacuees Return to Find Neighborhood Now Jewish News Satire Merrick
165 days 0 Sedona Tee Time Shortage Worsens as Kaitlyn Jenner's Friends Mob Town News Satire Merrick
172 days 0 Woke Protesters Turn Sights on MLK, Obama for Racist Hand Gestures News Satire Merrick

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