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8 hours 0 Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and Maxine Waters Say Christmas is a Racist Holiday News Satire satireworld
14 hours 0 Radio Station Pulls "Racist" White Christmas from X-Mas Rotation News Satire Merrick
20 hours 0 He Sits Askew - TextToons News Satire VoiceOfReason
1 day 16 hours 0 He Finally Gets 48 - A Textoon Brexit Dilemma News Satire VoiceOfReason
2 days 0 NRA Clarifies Mission, Changes Name To National Russia Association News Satire MakeAmericaTheBest
3 days 0 Kleenex To Release Special Facial Product For Democrats: “Pity Me Tissues” News Satire satireworld
3 days 0 Long Lost “A Christmas Carol” Remake Starring Worst Actors Ever Discovered in Storage Facility News Satire satireworld
3 days 0 Ayatollah Upset Notre Dame Made NCAA Playoff Instead of UCF News Satire satireworld
4 days 0 "Lawyers, Guns and Money" Playing Repeatedly In West Wing At High Volume News Satire MakeAmericaTheBest
4 days 0 French President Sarkozy Took Million From Gaddafi, Does a Contribution to Obama Explain Benghazi News Satire satireworld
7 days 0 Lame Time Traveler Arrives to Warn Nation Against Electing Trump POTUS News Satire Merrick
8 days 0 Must Really Suck Being A Democrat These Days News Satire satireworld
9 days 0 Oscars to Give Out 'Participation' Awards News Satire TheSkunk
9 days 0 Really, Was George W Bush So Bad? | You make the news...We report it! News Satire satireworld
10 days 0 Sage Grouse Prepare To Defend Alaskan Territory News Satire MakeAmericaTheBest
10 days 0 Trump Claims California Downpour Caused by 'Cloud Mismanagement' | News Satire TheSkunk
10 days 0 Another Academy Award Winning Actor Grabs For The Racist Ring On National TV News Satire satireworld
12 days 0 Plucky Band of Racist Children Commence Construction on Border Wall News Satire Merrick
14 days 0 Verifying the Gender of Santa Claus (20th Anniversary) News Satire satireworld
15 days 0 Report: There Is No Escape. There Is Only Death. Death, and Bugles. News Satire MakeAmericaTheBest
16 days 0 Blotter: Police Make First Arrests of Christmas Holiday Season News Satire satireworld
16 days 0 Democrats Organize Caravans of Inner City Asylum Seekers News Satire satireworld
17 days 0 Barrio Santa Claus Considers Painting His Low Rider Something Other Than “Arrest Me Red” News Satire satireworld
17 days 0 Black Face Friday | The Sleaze | UK News Satire and Humour News Satire docsleaze
17 days 0 The Hippie Quake (1971) | The Sleaze | UK News Satire and Humour News Satire docsleaze

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