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23 hours 0 ( Walter Bucket Presents: TRUE FACTS……..according to Nopes! #136 News Satire satireworld
1 day 18 hours 0 Travel: The British Pub has all the Charm of an Elderly Flasher in Pastry By: Stephen Druce News Satire Merrick
2 days 0 Co-Worker Steve Institutes Casual Fridays Now That Boss Has Been Murdered News Satire MakeAmericaTheBest
2 days 0 Duterte Orders Closure of Balesin Island | Adobo Chronicles News Satire AdoboChron
3 days 0 NSA Admits: We Intercepted Debbie Wasserman-Schultz’s Intimate Phone Sex Conversations News Satire satireworld
6 days 0 Poisoned Water Supply Creates Gray Area in Syria News Satire Merrick
6 days 0 Al Gore, World’s Fattest Fool, Pretends UK is Tropical Paradise over Easter News Satire satireworld
9 days 0 BREAKING: Philippines Vice President, Others, Briefly Arrested By German Police | Adobo Chronicles News Satire AdoboChron
11 days 0 Syrian Distraction Bumming Ahead Of Comey Book News Satire satireworld
11 days 0 EPA to Allow Dumping Toxic Waste on Your Head, Pollution Standards Too High News Satire HoobaCanoes
11 days 0 Report: Area Man Really Pouring On The Ranch News Satire HoobaCanoes
11 days 0 Caravan of Central American Biochemists Headed for US News Satire Merrick
11 days 0 Congress Identifies 37 Year Old Nerd As Source Of All Nation's Problems News Satire MakeAmericaTheBest
12 days 0 Ancient Idiots? | The Sleaze | UK News Satire and Humour News Satire docsleaze
12 days 0 Sedating Hate | The Sleaze | UK News Satire and Humour News Satire docsleaze
12 days 0.5 CIA Hymnbook (VIII): First They Came for the Neocons News Satire glossynews
12 days 0.5 Alternatives to “No Tip” on Touchscreen Checkout Machines News Satire PointsInCase
12 days 0.5 Trump’s new smart missile takes out Aswad News Satire NewsBiscuit
12 days 0.5 Jobs Report: 70% Of Jobs Created Under Trump Are “Crisis Actor” Related News Satire DailyDiscord
12 days 0.5 Was It Brillig for You? It Was Brillig for Me! News Satire humortimes
14 days 0 Stormy Daniels Working With Police Artist to Sketch Man Who Threatened Her News Satire satireworld
15 days 0 BREAKING: Philippines Vice President Leni Robredo Briefly Detained At Heathrow Airport News Satire AdoboChron
15 days 0 Trump Calls to Congratulate Congo's "Machete" Margai on 99% Presidential Win News Satire Merrick
16 days 0 Trump Tower Fire: Donald Trump Marks Himself Safe | Adobo Chronicles News Satire AdoboChron
19 days 0 Ted Kennedy Memorial Aquarium Opens Today in Chappaquiddick, Massachusetts News Satire satireworld

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