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2 days 0 Visual World To Revert To Black-and-White News Satire SwanMorrison
2 days 0 Report: Blake Shelton Colluded With Russians to Become World's Sexiest Man | The Red Shtick News Satire comicref
2 days 0 The ‘Real Housewives Of Islamabad’ Set To Premier On US Cable TV News Satire satireworld
2 days 0 Caught In The Act! Paris Hilton And Senator Al Franken In Sleazy Flap News Satire satireworld
3 days 0 “Leave It To Beaver” Returns To Television And Theatres | You make the news...We report it! News Satire satireworld
3 days 0 Bingo Hall To Hold Catholic Church Services In Basement News Satire satireworld
3 days 0 Skeletor Outraged At Democratic Hit Job On US Senate Campaign News Satire MakeAmericaTheBest
4 days 0.5 Southern Poverty Law Center Say the Catholic Church is a ‘Hate Group’ News Satire glossynews
4 days 0.5 4 Glowing Reviews of My Grad School Basement Apartment News Satire PointsInCase
4 days 0.5 Man banned from local gym after failing to urinate in shower News Satire NewsBiscuit
4 days 0.5 A Review Of Zano’s Review Of Wilber’s “Trump And A Post-Truth World” News Satire DailyDiscord
4 days 0.5 Jeff Sessions: ‘My Creepy Smirk Does Not Mean I’m Lying About Russia’ News Satire humortimes
4 days 0 Analysis: Trump Visit Leaves Asia Significantly Dumber News Satire Merrick
4 days 0 Actress Heidi Montag’s Bra Receives Academy Award For Best Supporting Role News Satire satireworld
5 days 0 Egyptian Jobs Program Funded By UN Includes New Pyramid Construction News Satire satireworld
7 days 0 Feds Admit Congressional Intelligence Breech Due To Alien UFO Link News Satire satireworld
7 days 0 Movie Review: The Malignant Seven | You make the news...We report it! News Satire satireworld
7 days 0 White House Nominates Eric Cartman To Federal District Court Judgeship News Satire MakeAmericaTheBest
8 days 0 Damage Limitation - The Essential Checklist For Senior Managers News Satire SwanMorrison
9 days 0 Jon Stewart Accused of Anally Raping Kittens News Satire Merrick
9 days 0 Hillary Clinton Takes a Polygraph Test | You make the news...We report it! News Satire satireworld
10 days 0 'Did You Know?' Observations from the Desk of Rick Perry, Energy Secretary News Satire wearyourcape
10 days 0 Democrats Organize Scream-At-The Sky Event To Honor Hillary News Satire satireworld
10 days 0 Trump Marvels At Great Wall, Amazed Mexicans Can Travel So Far News Satire MakeAmericaTheBest
11 days 0.5 We Need Filibuster Reform, Which is a Shame Because I Love the Word “Filibuster” News Satire PointsInCase

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