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Townsfolk of tiny 1970s TV hamlet Trumpton have voted almost unanimously for a change of name in protest against the ‘despicable puppet’ Donald Trump. Mr Troop the Town Clerk said that the names now on the table include Savilleville and Harristown.
In 2016, Susan Sarandon endorsed Jill Stein for President. Jill Stein is a member of the Green Party. You know what else is green? Arugula.
Houston-based rockers Glennwood Johnson and His Exploding Knees, once described by Rolling Stone as "…a musical act," has declined due to moral concerns.
It was announced today the Inauguration of Donald Trump on Friday, January 20, will be transformed from a standard Inauguration into a Roast, to allow talent agents a fighting chance at securing quasi-big names at the last minute to perform at the event.
With just days until the swearing in of Donald J. Trump to the office of president, the inaugural committee has continued to be met with a very high lack of enthusiasm for participation by big name celebrities.
Washington, DC—President Barack Obama spent his final hours in office … well, just look at the headline again. Many are calling Mr. Obama’s actions beneath the dignity of his office, but Obama had a short and poignant response to critics that involved his middle finger. He littered the streets with armfuls of farewell gifts. Amongst the endless…
What America witnessed today was not a real inauguration, as evidenced by the fake populist speech given by the “yuuuge” loser of the popular vote. Alleged President Donald Trump’s inauguration speech was riddled with populist messages about helping the middle class, but these were demonstrably fake, as evidenced by his actual actions.
Wow! And this is just the pre-inauguration festivities! For the big day The Donald is also planning to have a number of liberal journalists shot out of cannons in sync to Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture.
A cat has been manifesting explicit signs of radical authoritarian behaviour, symptomatic of a fascist dictator in early 20th century Europe. The ultra-territorial tabby, regrettably named Mussolini, has been scratching furniture and clawing humans in a manner bearing all the hallmarks of a right-wing nationalist ideology.
Washington, DC—Donald J-dog Trump was sworn in Friday as the 45th president of the United States. During an inauguration speech that many are calling batty, shitty and even batshitty, Trump promised to always put America first. The newly sworn in president minced no words, except maybe the ones that came out of his mouth (cough). President Trump made it very clear, in garbled form,…
The dead body of a man who was notorious for bragging about ‘Dry January’, has been discovered in a large industrial tank of malting barley at a malt production facility in his home town of Fakenham. Adam Stone, 31, was last seen gazing longingly through the window of his local pub 48 hours before.
People alarmed by a Donald Trump presidency are being irrational, insists a man who has repeatedly expressed concern about living under Islamic law in the U.S.
Washington – Just days ahead of his inauguration, and fresh off his contentious feud with civil rights hero John Lewis, President-elect Donald Trump made a stunning announcement today.  His plan is not only to repeal Obamacare but he will also be eliminating February as Black History Month.
Others mark the occasion by filling as many reasonably priced prescriptions in one day as pharmacy will allow.
Despite his disappointment over his team leaving San Diego for Los Angeles, former Chargers fan Scott Lowry says he's looking forward to spending his extra future Sundays getting drunk and picking fights with people around his own home.
Following a historic mudslide victory that promises to pave the way for future con men, pathological liars and alleged sexual predators to ascend to the most powerful office on Planet Earth, America today inaugurated the first fake president in the nation’s 250-year history — President @RealDonaldTrump.
WASHINGTON, D.C. (The Adobo Chronicles, Washington Bureau) - President Donald Trump today signed a new Executive Order abolishing the White House Press Office and creating a new Department of Alternative Facts (DAF). Senior Aide Kellyanne Conway was appointed head of the new Department  with a Cabinet rank. The Department will oversee all communications emanating from the…
An audibly ill Evan Rabalais joins Sunny and Jeremy to discuss less-than-thoughtful decisions and dealing with homeless hecklers.
In an act of supreme humanity and kindness, Obama spared a man he has called his ‘brother’ from watching what Donald Trump does to America, as well as the rest of the world.

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