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Superficial exterior wall or other object intended to deceive others into thinking that exuberence means happiness; usually overbearingly brash and over the top. More times than not an overcompensation to cover up small man’s syndrome or a want to kill oneself due to emotional emptiness.
Hate! Hate! Hate! It's what fuels Britain's media, you know. There always has to be someone to hate and loathe. Someone to blame all of your problems on.
The same men who posit they are much more capable and courageous leaders have gone from running for president to running for cover from the glaring truth.
It’s taken me three years now to accumulate this knowledge, but if you think you or someone you love may be a TV binger, the following is a list that may help you cope.
A herd of whining vaginas has petitioned the Tangipahoa Parish School Board to postpone this year’s start of school. Apparently, it’s too hot for their precious spawn to learn to read, write, and bully the weak.
Nothing says Christmas like a staff photo with Santa and an AR-15! Just ask the writers at SatireWorld as they pose with jolly Ol’ St. Nick and some high-powered firearms: AK-47s, grenade launchers and machine guns.
Gov. Bobby Jindal announced his continued descent into abject shamelessness yesterday by officially declaring his candidacy for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination.
President Barack Obama and U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz: How well can you distinguish between these two political polar opposites?
ATLANTA, Georgia (The Adobo Chronicles®) - It looks like Don Lemon is not the only weird journalist in the CNN newsroom. The cable news network today aired a breaking news segment about London's Pride Parade in which a reporter claimed that she witnessed a man waving an ISIS flag. CNN, which prides itself to be the…
In my 15 years working as a librarian, I've learned that we do plenty of things for our patrons that aren't in our job descriptions. By Roz Warren.
On May 22 MSNBC’s Chris Hayes expressed amazement that he has heard no response from the NRA to a smart gun “truce” offered them on May 5 by a New Jersey State senator who is at the forefront of anti-gun activity in her state.
Let's all get offended. After all, it's all that anyone ever does on the web these days. Social media is just full of people wailing about how something th
San Francisco, CA – Art shows are often smug, boring, and crawling with assholes you hope to never meet on the street. A heart-warming story developed at such a show recently, starring a semi-famous band named The Shins.
It’s a fee that students never pay to get a credit they never see, just so a governor no one likes can keep a promise to a guy no one elected.
The social network has been alive long enough to develop Munchausen by proxy syndrome, or, more correctly, factitious disorder imposed on another.
In all seriousness, today is a day we encourage our readers to donate to their favorite charities and raise awareness about HIV/AIDS (and avoid being deemed a "prick"). Don't know which one to choose? Check out the organizations that have been featured in Goodwink this year!
Even when science does what it’s supposed to do, nothing seems to change. It’s as if there’s some portion of the citizenry that resents scientists for pointing out problems.
A lot of the city reeked of young white people trying to make up for things earlier generations did, but only because they still want to feel superior to someone.
Written a piece over at The What & The Why on refugees, patriotism and the rise of nationalism.
Spike Lee and Jada Pinkett Smith are not pleased with the racial makeup of the 2016 Oscar nominees, so they are calling for a “conscientious absenteeism” -- if I may offer a suitably puffed-up term -- of the 88th Academy Awards. My first thought upon reading this news was, who cares? And then I realized that a great many people care deeply about what stars think, and that few people care about what I think.

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