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A troubled writer of supernatural tales has confounded his fans by returning from his sojourn in an isolated New England backwater not only with a fresh and healthy outlook on life, but also a fully completed first draft of his latest novel.

Master of the macabre Stephen K Torrance, a recovering alcoholic who has recently suffered a string of personal tragedies, checked in at a deserted out-of-season hotel over a month ago, in the hope that the solitude would help combat a crippling bout of writer’s block. ‘It was my hope that the oppressive snow-bound isolation would get the creative juices
There is certainly liberal amounts of blood in our political waters, but I’m afraid it’s not actually type-D. This Susan Rice “scandal” has Benghazi written all over it. Hey, at least they’re reading. No matter where this next batch of rightwing dimquires lead, our republican friends will likely be covering this Rice dish right up until the…
Supposedly, the Chinese or the Arabs or the Scientologists or one of those ancient inscrutable cultures, has a saying that goes, “May you live in interesting times.” It is generally considered to be a curse.
Jennifer Lopez and Mr. Peanut cut glamorous figures when they were spotted standing in the middle of Times Square in New York City yesterday.
The anonymous public servant added, "She doesn't know anything and is always on the phone. The kid interrupts meetings all of the time to ask what a word means or for a map to find a place she doesn't know the location of, which is almost everywhere."
This year for Lent, local man Willy Nihly, is abstaining from Lent.
Incredible claims that attacker who used car as weapon actually militant motorist dedicated to taking back the streets for drivers. TV producers deny anti road safety agenda of motoring shows inspire automotive terrorism.
WASHINGTON (The Nil Admirari) - Today, President Trump confirmed reports he was practicing insults in preparation for the visit of Chinese President China Xi Jinping. The two world leaders will meet tomorrow to discuss a variety of issues including North Korea, trade, and how chop sticks will be banned at all meals during the visit.
NEW YORK, New York (The Adobo Chronicles, New York Bureau) - With less than two weeks remaining in its online poll on who readers think should be included in the 2017 100 most influential persons in the world, TIME Magazine has launched an offensive to destroy Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte's No. 1 spot. Duterte leads in…
Former ambassador Susan Rice has been outed as the villain who “unmasked” President Trump and his aides last year after spying on them. Now, she's been unmasked.
Like you, Mr. President, I'll do whatever it takes to win. Have you seen the footage of my landslide victory at the watermelon eating contest?
'Mr Hawkes met all the essential characteristics on our job specification grid and he excelled under questioning', confirmed Sarah Jones, senior HR manager at Forward Logistics today. 'We asked him to name someone he modelled himself on, and he told us that he was the one and only, and there was nobody he'd rather be. That was a recurring theme in his answers to be honest - you can't take that away from me, I'm sure he said, 4 or 5 times'.
We have successfully made the transition from ‘know hope’ to ‘no hope’. In today’s political circus, the Freedom Caucus is now all the rage. Are you kidding me? The only thing standing between El Trumpedente and everything he wants for Christmas is a pack of hyenas? Through the magic of redistricting, we must support the minority of the…
The news doesn’t need to be complicated and confusing; that’s what any new release from Microsoft is for. And, as in the case with anything from Microsoft, to keep the news from worrying our pretty little heads over, remember something new and equally indecipherable...
China’s Ministry of Education released some very encouraging numbers last week, showing significant increases in imagination all throughout its major cities.
In a statement released Sunday, the Environmental Protection Agency, Department of Energy and the Department of Housing and Urban Development announced the draft results of the first ever fantasy baseball league between the three agencies.
Britain is to send battleships to Gibraltar as a sign of strength as Spain seeks to invade the peninsula during Brexshit negotiations, according to a shady looking character in Brussels. The battleships will be the same ones sent to the Falklands due to cost cutting.
WASHINGTON, D.C. (The Adobo Chronicles, Washington Bureau) - U.S. President Donald Trump has called CNN 'fake news.' Now he's calling a TIME Magazine poll 'very fake.' Trump was reacting to an online poll being conducted by TIME, asking its readers to vote for whomever they think should be included in the magazine's 2017 100 Most Influential…
A very important research center released a study last week (that we totally read all the way through and enjoyed very much) detailing groundbreaking information on stuff we’re pretty sure you need to know.

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