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The Tony Award-Winning San Francisco Mime Troupe continues its 56th season with free performances of “Freedomland.” A door is blown off its hinges! Into a blasted room of scarred walls and shattered windows, armed with M-16’s, America’s bravest duck and dodge for cover, finally training their deadly gunsights on … an old black man.
Let me go ahead and say what most people have figured out with their own good sense by now: College Greeks are gross. They’re nasty-ass, dirty people.
For our August 2005 edition, Chris Fontana submitted an article titled “Apocalypse Live,” which rather accurately foretold (in Chris’ uniquely entertaining style) the devastating effects a major hurricane bearing down on New Orleans would have on his hometown and the rest of South Louisiana.
Baton Rouge’s most famous conservative American rapper, “Eazy” E. Eric Guirard, recently released yet another destined-to-become-a-classic music video and single, “Trouble, Time and Money.”
What academia needs is to throw in some pillow talk after. Time to relax, light a cigarette, and sort through things. Maybe towel off some. Promise to text each other later.
Jazz great Thelonious Monk said, “A genius is the one most like himself.” Donald Trump is too busy being Donald Trump to be anything else.
“Irrational Man” – a film review by Gary Chew If you’ve never worked in an academic environment, you know … a university campus, you’ll likely not grasp some of the nuanced humor unobtrusively woven into Woody Allen’s Irrational Man. Since I was only on-campus staff (not faculty), the Wood Man’s jokes are even more obvious.
See how much you know about the four major candidates vying to replace Gov. Bobby Jindal this fall.
Big money runs today’s political game, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Check out Republican wannabe Scott Walker. Not a Republican? No problemo, amigo. Walker doesn’t check your papers. Well… except for that million-dollar check you have to write to his super PAC.
“Southpaw” – a film review by Gary Chew “If it makes money, it makes sense.” Sounds like a less offensive TV news soundbite from Donald Trump on a stump speech … right? Wrong. The sentence is spoken by an oleaginous fight promoter in a new film titled Southpaw.
A herd of whining vaginas has petitioned the Tangipahoa Parish School Board to postpone this year’s start of school. Apparently, it’s too hot for their precious spawn to learn to read, write, and bully the weak.
Superficial exterior wall or other object intended to deceive others into thinking that exuberence means happiness; usually overbearingly brash and over the top. More times than not an overcompensation to cover up small man’s syndrome or a want to kill oneself due to emotional emptiness.
The social network has been alive long enough to develop Munchausen by proxy syndrome, or, more correctly, factitious disorder imposed on another.
Let's all get offended. After all, it's all that anyone ever does on the web these days. Social media is just full of people wailing about how something th
ATLANTA, Georgia (The Adobo Chronicles®) - It looks like Don Lemon is not the only weird journalist in the CNN newsroom. The cable news network today aired a breaking news segment about London's Pride Parade in which a reporter claimed that she witnessed a man waving an ISIS flag. CNN, which prides itself to be the…
Gov. Bobby Jindal announced his continued descent into abject shamelessness yesterday by officially declaring his candidacy for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination.
The same men who posit they are much more capable and courageous leaders have gone from running for president to running for cover from the glaring truth.
Even when science does what it’s supposed to do, nothing seems to change. It’s as if there’s some portion of the citizenry that resents scientists for pointing out problems.
It’s a fee that students never pay to get a credit they never see, just so a governor no one likes can keep a promise to a guy no one elected.
In my 15 years working as a librarian, I've learned that we do plenty of things for our patrons that aren't in our job descriptions. By Roz Warren.

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