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DENVER, Colorado (The Adobo Chronicles, San Francisco Bureau) - Don't cancel that purchased United Airlines ticket of yours just yet. And think twice before you book your next flight on another airline. In a desperate move to regain its reputation and business after that unfortunate incident in which an elderly passenger was dragged out of a flight…
SAN FRANCISCO, California (The Adobo Chronicles, San Francisco Bureau) - Videos of that United Airlines flight in which an elderly man was dragged out of his seat to make room for flight crew have gone viral on the Internet.  Many of the clips show the man bleeding after he allegedly hit his mouth against the head…
From now on, customers who order food at McDonald’s may or may not be allowed to finish their “meal” in peace.
After a doctor was forcibly removed from a plane this week for refusing to give up his seat after being asked, a spokeswoman for United explained the incident. “The passenger didn’t realize they had purchased a maybe seat...
After extensive online research conducted by this news site and all its related partners and entities, we have officially concluded that there is no connection between the release of Apple’s iPhone 8 and the upcoming film, Star Wars 8, other than the number 8.
Guaranteed ways to publicly destroy the reputation of enemies ranging from your former employer or romantic partner, to a professional rival or your spouse's psycho ex.
A remake of the hit TV series MASH is to be set upon a US navy supercarrier anchored off the Korean peninsula. Executive producer Harry Winter said that the story will feature the exploits of a group of zany doctors who sit around all day with nothing to do but deal with paper cuts and the occasional head cold.
San Diego, CA—After the incident this weekend that claimed the life of eight year old Bobby Turner, the petting zoo management of WolverDreams Inc. announced it will be closing its doors forever. Little Bobby’s visit, which was originally arranged in conjunction with the Make A Wish Foundation, ended the life of a young man a few weeks…
The “real news” reasons President Trump declined to throw out the first pitch: Caddies not permitted on pitcher’s mound. He is Boycotting baseball until “illegals” are prohibited from casting ballots in All Stars games.
Donald Trump has said he intends to go for an exciting cliffhanger every Friday for the rest of his presidency, 'just like the Fox TV series 24'.
Iron E-News has been given the chance to attend a very special and exclusive book signing in an exotic, distant, and oft misunderstood place: the residential palaces in the heart of the DPRK.
I previously wrote an article that was literally about nothing, Now I have something to say.
According to FEMA, this is without doubt, one of the worst disasters in our nation’s history.
Being bullied at camp is much different than being bullied at school, at home, on the internet, or at a Game of Thrones cosplay convention.
The MEPs debating the so-called 'red lines' that will form the EU negotiating terms for Brexit have agreed to tone down their demands following an impassioned plea from UKIP MEP Nigel Farage.
    We’re pulling a Dylan on this one and not showing up for the award ceremony. We may tweet later that we’re honored and shit #Honored&Shit.  
Good ol’ activism can unite us in the ethic of the common good. The list of progressive innovations at the grassroots level goes on and on, dealing with one big, complex issue after another that small-minded, corporatist ideologues refuse to tackle (often under the “principle” that government — i.e., the public, i.e., you and me...
Mr. Cucumberpatch revisits his role as Doctor Strange in Thor: Ragnarok.
You won't BELIEVE the one CRAZY book your senior English teacher will make you read. Read the clickbait, guess the novel! (Answers included!)

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