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With this scam plan to “save” Social Security, workers would keep paying the same 12.4 percent tax on their wages, but would get drastically less paid back to them when they retire. Uncle Sam wants you! Not the symbolic Uncle Sam, but Sam Johnson.
‘Honestly I voted for Trump mainly just to see what would happen. I didn’t think he’d ever win and I certainly didn’t expect him to follow through on his campaign promises,’ said Whiteman.
18 year-old Andy Jaden loves the “Call Of Duty” games so much that he wanted to be involved in anything that would get him closer to doing what he does in the video game in real life.
Lady Liberty will be moved north this week into nation that still welcomes immigrants of all faiths.
Known for for his roles in "Midnight Express", "The Elephant Man" and "V for Vendetta," Hurt, who was 77, was fortunate enough to pass away just six days into the Trump presidency.
Coming up at 6pm Central tonight our latest cartoon series featuring Crazie Maysie the hen prime minister of a small country barn in Western Europe, and new President Peacock who has just been elected president of a large barn over the pond.
Cartoonist’s Comment: Betsy DeVos is Donald’s rotten pick for Secretary of Education. Many people believe she was considered because her family donated $200 million to Republican candidates and causes.
"It’s like Trump’s executive orders are alt-right fanfiction, written by a middle-schooler who failed US History."
Anyone who says they’re against torture has likely never heard grown men wail as power courses through the electrodes clipped to their testicles.
The American press should be quiet, fellate Steve Bannon, and prepare him a tasty sandwich, President Donald Trump’s chief strategist told The New York Times in an interview via telephone Wednesday.
I don’t need my dead body being jabbed into on a cutting board by doctors. I'd rather help the humanities with their flow of corpses.
Greater Manchester Police have finally identified the mystery body which was found in Westminster in December 2015 as Her Majesty's Official Opposition.

Once an initial ID was confirmed, local CCTV footage showed the Labour Party being led away by a sinister bearded man who led it off the beaten track and into the wilds, where it completely lost its way and died, cold and unloved, and lay unnoticed for months.
“We were looking for this thing…” said Rep Nancy Pelosi, forgetting what a spine was called. Democrats House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer were arrested for grave robbing, last night. Caught in the act, shovels in hand, the two were taken into custody, booked, then released on their own recognizance.
Kellyanne fabricated her lie about Donald, trying to get us off topic. We trust the public to decide the real facts, just like a jury in legal matters: Use common sense and reason.
Mobile gaming has become one of the biggest business trend setters these days. As more and more people adapt to gaming on their mobile devices, there is a lot of gaming apps, which make poker and other card games all the more lucrative and worth a mention. With this said and done, as more and […]
More is being revealed about the end of the Martian civilization (sigh). Maybe that rover can mosey over and piss on it.

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