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After the House of Representatives passed its repeal of Obamacare on Thursday, there was plenty of speculation about the replacement plan, which likely will be known as Trumpcare. Many questions abounded, including who would oversee the transition, which President Donald Trump moved quickly to address.
Over there is something absolutely tremendous. It’s incredible. Believe me. Over there is something so much more interesting than whatever you’re looking at now. So you really ought to look over there.
MENLO PARK (AP) – A recent much-publicized effort by Facebook to stop the spread of “fake news” on its social media pages turned out to be nothing more than fake news propagated by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg as a cheap PR stunt.

Secret recordings heard by a person emailing this newspaper anonymously reveals that Donald Trump was told FBI Director James Comey's surname was pronounced 'Commie' in the early days of his presidency, in the latest shocking twist to this latest development.
This would explain why President Trump didn't dismiss FBI director James Comey immediately he came to power, as he assumed he was actually a Communist agent
Putin, the President of Russia, becomes the first acting foreign politician to serve as head of the FBI. And it’s his wealth of experience that impressed Trump so much.
Jonas Naughtbright saw immediate improvement just one day after using household bleach.
Fox News introduced it's first flat female correspondent on the air today, a landmark move for the cable network known for its beautiful, voluptuous women as much as its conservative platform.
NEW YORK (AP) – The CBS television network has announced that Stephen Colbert has been fired from his position as host of “The Late Show” over controversial remarks that he made about President Donald Trump.
Republicans in the House of Representatives this week passed a new healthcare bill to replace Obamacare. What would this landmark new piece of legislation provide for the American people?
Obi-Wan Corbyn has resigned himself to being killed by Darth Mayder in the upcoming general election as he knows his spirit will move on and allow Labour to win in other ways, just like wot happened in Star Wars, according to a young Labour Star Wars fan this morning.
Did I hear her correctly? There's no way she just asked me if I have condoms on a first Tinder date, right? Could it possibly be going this well?
Since an appeal went out earlier this month, the Liberal Democrats have received ‘dozens’ of possible sightings of their leader. He has been missing from public view for months, though the precise date when he disappeared has not been determined. ‘It was more a fading away than a disappearance’, said a spokesman. ‘He could be...
Washington, DC—The Muppets Resist movement entered an even darker chapter today after beloved characters, Crazy Harry and Animal, were arrested for hatching a Guy Fawksian-style plot to blow up the White House. Rockville police report the two were arrested without incident in a sock drawer outside of Glenn Hills, Maryland. Many in the intelligence community fear the pair were not working alone…
WASHINGTON DC – President Donald J. Trump today blamed Sir Winston Churchill for not honoring Neville Chamberlain’s “historic peace agreement” at Munich in 1938.
The Food and Drug Administration has issued their approval for a radical new medication that comprehensively solves the sleep disorder known as insomnia.  Incidentally, it has also helped solve a number of other unforeseen issues – one being the need to ever to wake up again.
The Last Jedi Star Wars stuff and a little Skywalker too.  Some Han Solo, Sand Peeps, and tiny Ewoks totally.  Very, very lightsabery battle with a hint of dark side, splash of force, stirred in a Tatooine Vadershake.
BBC wildlife presenter's naked Malta rampage revealed! Did popular naturalist bare all to disrupt bird hunters? Tabloid alleges BBC nature programmes promoting naturism with calendar featuring presenters in provocative nude poses with animals!
The company manual has everything from an optimistic “Career Progression” to shrug-worthy “Credit Card, Corporate” but nothinganything under “Coffee Machine, Operating Safely.”
Opinion polls are showing Prime Minister Theresa May’s policy of saying she’s going to do one thing and then doing the exact opposite is attracting support from indecisive members of the electorate. Those who can’t decide who to vote for appear to be more aligned with a dithering kindred spirit like Mrs May than Labour...

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