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St. Louis, MO – (

The Anheuser-Busch corporation notified stockholders that a recent analysis of some Budweiser products showed a high percentage of horse meat in the company’s mascot and world-famous team of Clydesdales.
Las Cruces- (
Kate Upton just might go to a New Year’s Eve event with a Local Las Cruces man just because he asked nicely in a video he made with several of his friends and with the help of his lawn man Carlos.
Local resident and accountant, Barry Bishop, has been accused this week of lying about his severe gluten allergy. The incident took place at his neighbor’s Sunday night football party, where Barry was seen consuming large amounts of Bud Light and pepperoni pizza.
LaVar Ball, first of his glorious name, has borne a “heavy burden” for far too long, and may the Balls grant him the strength to carry it.
Does someone have a divine right to follow me? Do I have enemies? If I do have enemies, what is more important? My safety, or my (perfectly honorable and reasonable) desire not to mistakenly exclude a legitimate follower from my Twitter feed? Does something look suspicious about this account? If it does look suspicious, and […]The post Fake Followers on Twitter: Qs to Ask Yourself if You’re Shy of Hitting the Block Button appeared first on
I've had it. The picture of me in your "cool" MeUndies boxer briefs that you just sent to eleven different women really pushed me over the edge.
French networking sites, bloggers and newsgroups were abuzz with claims that Johnny Hallyday faked his own death in order to live anonymously. Alleged sightings of the singer are now flooding internet forums with claims that he was seen boarding an aeroplane to Argentina, others say Hallyday had grown a long white beard as a disguise and had even attended his own funeral.
With infallible regularity, each and every news cycle the rightwing alchemists transmute the obscene and the aberrant into mainstream gold. We may well be on the verge of another Nixon-style Saturday Night Massacre Saturday, but instead of the resignation speech to follow we’ll probably see a pre-Iraq-invasion like ‘next logical step.’ Fox News Alert: Most…
The news doesn’t need to be complicated and confusing; that’s what any new release from Microsoft is for.
President Tonald Drump's approval rating rose to 91% in the latest poll released by the Pew Research Center, a new high since he took office in January.
NASA has long struggled to find a way to send men back to the moon without incurring high costs. President Trump has found a solution: miniature astronauts.
Out of respect for wildfire victims, stations will remove the words "safe and warm" from the popular song. Because this whole fire thing is getting ridiculous.
It's that time of year once again and it wouldn't be the same without Christmas music sung by a famous person!
This year Satire World brings the season alive with family favorites from the Middle East....The birth place of the Holiest season.
Twelve tunes to stir the soul sung by the rich baritone voice of none other than Yassar Arafat himself!
Just two payments of $19.95 plus..........There's more!
When you care enough to send the very best to those you unmercifully rub out… Courtesy of the Clinton Machine
Blountstown, Florida
Earlier wire reports from the AP that boy scout Billy McIntyre had unearthed a 5 lb gold nugget from the base of a rotting cypress tree trunk are now opening a new line of questioning into the massive gold find in this northern panhandle town.
Would we think differently if the world's trouble spots were on our doorsteps?
( Walter Bucket Presents True Facts
1. Although General Patton’s last words were reportedly, “This is a hell of a way to die”, a family member close to the bed asked “What do you see, General?” as he passed away, he whispered “Assholes & Elbows… Assholes & Elbows!”
Maryland’s Democratic controlled legislature seems to ignore the state’s real long term economic problems that have difficult solutions. They then create problems and feel good solutions that divert people’s attention, but are then ignored.
Distracted driving seems to have legislators filing bills about driving and texting (not a good idea), driving while using a cell phone, driving and drinking coffee, and possibly driving and scratching their butts. A new law enables Maryland police officers to stop an automobile for distracted driving as a primary offense.
Portsmouth, UK – (
For the second year in a row, Viral Magazine has voted a UK online publication Cafe Spike ‘the worst piece of trash since the ‘Lady Godiva Chronicles’ a similar online magazine from Canada which won the ‘Most Bizarre’ prize in 2010.
“Sadly, from the very first peek you know it’s a pure rubbish writing. The reader’s first look at the website gives the impression of technology done-on-the-cheap giving the site a year 2000 retro look."
OTTAWA, Canada (The Adobo Chronicles, Toronto Bureau) - Canada’s House of Commons passed Bill C-45 which legalized cannibalism. It wasn’t meant to be that way. What it hoped to pass was a bill that would legalize recreational marijuana, or cannabis. But thanks to autocorrect, it is still illegal to smoke pot but now legal to eat humans.…

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