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On May 22 MSNBC’s Chris Hayes expressed amazement that he has heard no response from the NRA to a smart gun “truce” offered them on May 5 by a New Jersey State senator who is at the forefront of anti-gun activity in her state.
An open letter asking Stan Kroenke to bring the St. Louis Rams back to their original home, which is not on the West Coast.
Nothing says Christmas like a staff photo with Santa and an AR-15! Just ask the writers at SatireWorld as they pose with jolly Ol’ St. Nick and some high-powered firearms: AK-47s, grenade launchers and machine guns.
Raising Cane’s first international location is in mutha-effing Kuwait City, as in the capital of the country we had to liberate from Saddam Hussein in the early ’90s.
In all seriousness, today is a day we encourage our readers to donate to their favorite charities and raise awareness about HIV/AIDS (and avoid being deemed a "prick"). Don't know which one to choose? Check out the organizations that have been featured in Goodwink this year!
In America, we face a momentous choice: a food future rooted in the ethic of sustainable agriculture, or in exploitative agri-industry.
We all need to take a moment and thank the students of Mizzou for ushering in this important moment of change. By banding together against the oppressive media incursion and blocking other people’s First Amendment rights in favor of their own, I’m pretty sure that marked the end of this generation’s P.C. cycle.
When you cast your ballot, are you voting for a person or the team logo on that faceless candidate’s helmet? Are you voting for an individual with personal beliefs and motivations, or your team’s colors? Blue or red? Crip or Blood?
“Spotlight” – a film review by Gary Chew Seeing Spotlight almost made me feel homesick. Not for a place, but for a place in time when covering important events was not supplanted with infotainment or blatant propaganda. Tom McCarthy’s film, which he and Josh Singer wrote, gives us a look into how the investigative team...
I had another of those difficult days today when, for reasons that I just cannot fathom, the world went completely silent on me. Normally my inbox is alive with emails of one kind of another. Today: nothing. Not a single one, despite my sending quite a few. It feels like I don’t exist. Hello?
Practically every wealthy nation today is making major investments in building high speed rail networks to transport their people, but not the USA.
Over at The What & The Why, I’m talking about the Paris attacks and making broad points about the whole troubled mess. I accept it won’t be to everybody’s taste but that was deliberately so. My views are atheist, sceptical, but also, I hope, humanist. Despite being cynical about most things, I’m no nihilist. I […]
Labyrinth of Lies has been selected to represent Germany in the Best Foreign Language Film category at next year’s Academy Awards. It was directed by Giulio Ricciarelli and tells the story of the legal and social struggle Germany faced approximately a decade after WWII.
I may not cosplay on the first night, but I’ll be wearing a “Looking for love in Alderaan places” shirt, or something similar.
In a just world, if a building contractor installed a literal firewall as flimsy as the metaphorical one between candidates like Vitter and super PACs like FLF, he’d be arrested for attempted arson.
With only a mere year between now and the 2016 presidential election, two movies just out appear to be efforts at raising the sophistication level among voters: one at a rather high level; the other, not so much.
When ‘free speech’ is for sale, big money drowns out the people. In today’s so-called “democratic” election process, Big Money doesn’t talk, it roars — usually drowning out the people’s voice. Bizarrely, the Supreme Court decreed in its 2010 Citizens United ruling that money is a form of “free speech.”
Another terrible shooting at an American school. Hard to really understand how America can ignore a problem that affects them every single day. However, I’ve tried to do that over at The What & The Why, where I’ve written something about America’s gun culture and how it affects all of us.
Over at The Spectator Coffee House, I’ve written about James Bond and China.
Bill Murray is simply the best of the SNL bunch that migrated from 30 Rock to Sunset and Vine. Most often, Murray plays himself, or to say it another way, the character he crafted Saturday nights on NBC.

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