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Commentators and Labour shadow cabinet members alike are struggling to comprehend the hefty tome that is the Labour Manifesto.
The firing of FBI Director James Comey by the President of the United States slammed Washington with the suddenness of a two-story bowling ball hitting the South Portico after being dropped from a blimp. And the repercussions have shot across the Capitol like a flurry of Kansas tornadoes.
Ripping a page from his best-selling book The Art of the Deal, President Donald Trump took to Twitter to bargain with those asking for his ouster from office.
Lionel The Lion expressed his views today during a discussion on Zeb Talk which received a record number of complaints.
Does fame obsessed media treat victims of non-celebrity sex offenders as 'second class'? Victims' group demands equal access to celebrity sex offenders for working class kids, to ensure high profile and potentially lucrative reporting of their stories.
A laptop-toting man was kicked out of the Siegen Lane Waffle House this past weekend after fellow patrons complained he was viewing The Wall Street Journal online.
That impatient douchebag repeatedly lurching into the intersection while waiting for a red light to turn green may be on to something, according to a study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
Visionary writer/director/actor Ben Affleck has left the Batman franchise to pursue a lifelong passion of being the spokesman for Kentucky Fried Chicken.
Women’s undergarments in the United States haven’t been this dry in over 80 years, according to a report by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
One Louisiana legislator is looking to harness some of the fervor generated by threats to Confederate monuments and direct it toward saving the state’s disappearing wetlands by dubbing the coastline after one of the Confederacy’s most notable figures.
President Donald Trump has patently appropriated and employed numerous uniquely Nixonian methodologies since being inaugurated, according to a lawsuit filed by the Richard Nixon Foundation.
The Trump administration has announced that the official presidential anthem of the United States has been replaced with the battle cry of a popular character from the video game World of Warcraft.
The staff member has been named as Bart Bright. He burst out of the front doors of the White House at roughly 4pm whilst draped in an American flag and holding a folder.
During an informal meeting between the president and several high ranking Russian officials including politicians, ambassadors, and diplomats, Donald Trump was teased that he was being left in the dark about key elements of national security.
LOS ANGELES, California (The Adobo Chronicles, Los Angeles Bureau) - Following the election of Emmanuel Macron as the new president of France
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Amanda Flerd, a 12 year old middle school student from Richmond, Virginia, recently gave a current events speech to her class, informing them of the latest political tensions in America while offering lucid analysis on its current state of affairs.
A man who would have died had his operation gone fatally wrong thanked cyber attackers today for saving his life after his NHS operation was canceled at the last minute.

This brings to three the number of deaths prevented by the cyber attack in the NHS this weekend, a record.
President Trump announced today that all future communication between the press and the White House will be suspended in lieu of a future memoir entitled "Your Welcome".

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