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The popular series of the The Holy Jihad Comic Books have broken publication records that once spanned four decades. With the introduction of ‘Burka Madness’ and the second edition, ‘Infidels Invade the 7-11’, a second and third work shift of printers had to be hired in order to keep up with demand from retailers around the world.
Sunny Weathers explains to Jared Kendall and Jeremy White why you shouldn’t judge a person by one prolonged, rage-filled episode in traffic.
Outspoken Ruby42 joins Jeremy and Sunny to discuss the pro and cons of various superpowers, her Cajun-zombie apocalypse experience, and well-endowed female runners.
Jeremy White had topics for Sunny Weathers and Robert Rau, but Sunny has plans for his Powerball winnings, like opening a hall of fame for Pete Rose (next to the one he’s not in).
Brian Haldane helps Jeremy White and Sunny Weathers start off another year of episodes by reminiscing about the good ol’ not-so-stabby days of Tigerland.
We close out 2015 with the original trio of Jeremy White, Sunny Weathers, and Dorque host Knick Moore. Since all three have seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens, they discuss the movie and divulge tons of spoilers, but not before they tackle a few other topics.
After opening for Police Academy's Michael Winslow, Mike Honore explains to Jeremy and Sunny how much white people in Baton Rouge love D-listers doing sound effects.
Host and political junkie Jeremy White is actually burned out on politics, so he and Sunny Weathers (mostly) steer clear of the topic in this episode, opting instead to talk about sports and Sunny’s recent encounter with predawn crazy-cat-lady demolition derby.
Blogger Lamar White Jr. joins Sunny and Jeremy to discuss Les Miles, state Sen. Troy Brown, and a couple of books about a couple of creepy guys.
On a somewhat Thanksgiving-themed episode from El Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant, Sunny Weathers and Jeremy White inform The Family Dinner’s David Vitrano that Latvia is, in fact, a real country that actually exists.
Sunny Weathers and Jeremy White sip tequila at El Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant as they discuss sports and the current three-ring circus that is Louisiana politics.
The Family Dinner’s Evan Rabalais joins Sunny Weathers and Jeremy White at El Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant to promote his new comedy show and contribute to the conversation about various happenings and goings on.
The Family Dinner’s Robert Rau drops by El Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant and joins Sunny Weathers and Jeremy White to chat a little politics, a little sports, and a little Star Wars fan theory.
Brian Haldane and Knick Moore help Jeremy recap the recent elections. The guys also talk about annoying Amber Alerts and the best way to screw with people in need of prosthetics.
Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush has a new look that reflects his “outsiderness” and “devil-may-care attitude,” says his newly appointed campaign manager.
Jeramaine Jingles drops by the show. He and Sunny school Knick on why being the Michigan-Michigan State game hero is worth suffering a potentially crippling injury.
SAN FRANCISCO, California (The Adobo Chronicles) - We're living in the world of the Millennial  generation where economic necessity begets a culture of sharing. Homeowners share their spare rooms through Airbnb and private car owners share a ride through Uber and Lyft with those who are challenged by mobility -- all for a fee, of course.…
Jeremy, Sunny, and Mike Honore discuss the state fire marshal's engagement to a married woman, proper steroid use, and the benefits of steroid-shrunken testicles.
Knick and Jeremy chat about the myriad concerns of the affluent, their Holocaust-esque troubles with bicyclists, and when to shoot down drones.
Evan Rabalais joins Sunny and Jeremy to weigh in on the new UFC uniforms, Zachary's Americana traditional neighborhood development, and hot octogenarian babes.

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