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Are tourists turning terrorist? Incredible claims that disgruntled foreign visitors hitting back at cities calling for curbs on tourism with suicide bombings. Secret terror travel agencies offering 'all inclusive' terror breaks.
'I let my house to a serial killer!' complains Airbnb customer. Users of Airbnb and similar services share tales of how their properties were used as porn movie sets and temporary brothels!
Former Royal medium reveals Princess Diana's sensational post-mortem affairs. TV station condemned for airing recordings of seances in which Lady Di chronicles afterlife assignations with Errol Flynn and John Lennon.
Blountstown, FL []-
A leading purveyor of fake news in the 2012 and 2016 presidential election has died outside the sleepy Florida town of Blountstown at the age of 38.
Sheriff’s Office spokesman Tobias Roja said Tuesday authorities discovered Phillip Fester dead in his bed on Sept. 18.
One week after being revived from the vegetative state in which he has spent the last two years, Brian Walcott of Columbus, Ohio has made one simple request of the medical miracle workers who brought him back from the abyss: "Put me back under."
The Peoples Republic of North Korea staged a massive armaments parade down the capitol’s main boulevard with hundreds of curiously ‘yellow’ painted ballistic missiles. Marchers carried signs denouncing the ‘running dog imperialists’ as warmongers and a threat to the peaceful citizens of ‘the best country on Earth.’
Showing his solidarity with NFL social justice players, filmmaker Michael Moore took a knee today to join in protest over the national anthem controversy. Just after Moore took a knee, seismologists at the University of Michigan reported a rare 4.6 magnitude earthquake in the state.
Surrounded by the intense noises of her family and pets, local mom credits noise-cancelling headphones with saving her life.
Though amphibians aren't really reptiles, I've lumped them in because there doesn't seem to be a discernible difference at a glance, so they might as well just be reptiles.
Tired of waiting for President Trump to rise to the bait, the UN's favorite rogue nations have decided to go head to head by sending insulting messages to the other. The first message, sent to Kim Jong-un from, said he looks like a Tellytubby with lego hair, and anyway Kim is a girl's name.
There’s no indication that Fox News is tacking back toward sanity. A Laura Ingraham slot on primetime represents another doubling down on their conservative suckage. She’s the only Foxeteer arguably right of Hannity. Nothing should be right of Hannity, well, unless it has a shaved head and a Thor’s hammer tat. Don’t you realize if you make your viewers any less insightful they’re going to…
Aliens are now generally unsupportive of the idea that humans have, in any shape or form, been to Earth, according to new polling.
Alabama - Trump is urging NFL team owners to fire any non-white player who kneels during national anthem. ​
New York, NY – []
Aging singer Stevie Wonder became the latest “oppressed” multi-millionaire coddled elitist to take a knee to show solidarity with Colin Kaepernick and other NFL athletes who have decided to kneel when the National Anthem is played prior to all football game activity.
Not just NBA fans in the United States bristled at President Trumps tweet to Stephen Curry, but reclusive dictators were also up in arms.

El Paso, TX – (
Planning on dining out tonight? You might want to pass on Chinese food at a popular El Paso eatery.
A west Texas restaurant has set the standard for disgusting dining on its latest health inspection, with a stomach-churning rating of just 19 out of a possible 100.
Officials at Alcatraz Island, the infamous prison and tourist attraction, apparently have started contingency planning to house members of the Executive Branch.
Speaking in front of the United Nations on Tuesday, U.S. President Donald Trump doubled down on his vow to “totally destroy” North America -- unveiling the following 10-point plan to devastate the country he was sort of elected to lead.
In an addendum to his address to the United Nations Wednesday, President Trump promised, "Swift and utter annihilation of Mauritius," during a press conference with members of the international media this morning.

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