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They’re using the wage gap to “encourage more women and comedians of color to submit to and perform on the festival.”
I’ve put together this updated list of severe weather risk levels in Trumponese to better communicate to millions of Americans the true risks of looming severe weather.
Actress, activist, and real-life blow-up doll Pamela Anderson is lobbying Gov. John Bel Edwards to make life infinitely more miserable for Louisiana prisoners by serving them all-vegan meals.
What the hell, Fox? The material was right there. You actually have Neil Gaiman working with you to produce the show. He’s right there. One of the greatest living fantasy writers on the planet and you’re making a “fantasy police procedural” out of his award-winning work?!
A lot of the city reeked of young white people trying to make up for things earlier generations did, but only because they still want to feel superior to someone.
I submit that most actors who appear in movies made by the Coen brothers must be falling all over themselves to get even a small part in whatever new project Joel and Ethan have hatched. Such is the case with the one that’s just opened...
As a Western, Jane Got a Gun looks quite authentic. It was shot around Santa Fe. Landscapes are top notch in north central New Mexico. There’s plenty of such of terrain to see in this new movie directed by Gavin O’Connor.
Spike Lee and Jada Pinkett Smith are not pleased with the racial makeup of the 2016 Oscar nominees, so they are calling for a “conscientious absenteeism” -- if I may offer a suitably puffed-up term -- of the 88th Academy Awards. My first thought upon reading this news was, who cares? And then I realized that a great many people care deeply about what stars think, and that few people care about what I think.
In 1972, a Western directed by Mark Rydell hit the movie house circuit. I was doing film reviews then on television. The movie bowled me over. John Wayne had the lead.
The driving force of “Bernie Sanders for President” is coming from encouraging sources. When I crossed paths with a Democratic Party campaign consultant in Austin last March, I suggested he come out to the local International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers hall to hear Bernie Sanders...
Anytime the topic is brought up, conservatives inevitably point out that the person broaching the subject is either too poor or too rich to legitimately do so.
These days, Republicans don’t have to be qualified — much less sane — to run for the highest office in the land.
If you’re a Franz Kafka or Henry Miller fan and have some curiosity about Sigmund Freud, Anomalisa is a movie you have to see.
U.S. corporations owe $600 billion in taxes Carl Icahn, noted corporate predator and takeover specialist who made billions of dollars in corporate deals, has recently begun pushing a charitable cause.
You must let a few opening scenes of Youth filter through your brain to completely tune in to what’s up with it.
After giving countless Louisiana voters likely the worst case of buyer’s remorse they’ll ever have, Gov. Bobby Jindal has set off on a tour of the state to polish the turd of a legacy he’s leaving behind.
“The Bigger Book of Parenting Tweets” is a new collection of hundreds of comic Tweets by funny people.
I wrote my comment for the studio rep at the screening of Macbeth as follows: ‘Tis an unruly film … '
An interview with cartoonist Trina Robbins. Errol Flynn and Kevin Costner both played Robin Hood (though not at the same time), and Al Jolson sang about the “Red, red Robin”...

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