Check Please!
Herman Davis, Nick Gariano, and host Robert Rau watch both the touching Pixar Movie and the HHH foray into drama to determine which deserves to be called “Inside Out.”
Comedians Evan Rabalais and Mike Honore join Jeremy to discuss life-altering events in comics’ lives, George Lucas’ blatant hatred for Jake Lloyd, and the selfie generation.
Jeremy White and Sunny Weathers are joined by Dorque host Knick Moore at El Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant for a podcast featuring some interesting musical numbers, including a couple involving LSU football gameday activities.
Knick and James spend a little time discussing the most depressing jobs on Earth and the people who do them. Then James gives his spoiler-free review of Batman v. Superman before they are joined by a surprise guest.
Evan Rabalais joins Jeremy White and Sunny Weathers to hate on people who gratuitously hate on the capital city and the people who try to make it better.
Robert Rau joins Jeremy and Sunny to talk about the latest WBRZ reporter to be arrested as well as tackle “Five Questions” inspired by #SaferThanATrumpRally.
Knick is joined by his lovely wife Carole to discuss one of their favorite show topics: Sailor Moon. It gets really weird.
Knick and James spend a little time talking about how to pee, then a lot of time talking about Knick’s balls.
Two movies named Gladiator enter, only one will leave (with its name) as Herman Davis, Charles Warren, Nick Gariano, Eric McCauley, and Robert Rau watch both the one you’ve heard of and the Cuba Gooding Jr. underground boxing movie.
Sunny Weathers shares with Brian Haldane and Jeremy White his beautiful dream of owning a chain of very specialized gas stations.
Two movies named "Bad Boys" enter. Only one will leave as Herman Davis and Robert Rau watch both the 1983 “Scared Straight” drama starring Sean Penn, along with the 1995 Will Smith/Martin Lawrence supercop extravaganza, to determine which one is really about Bad Boys.
Metro Councilman John Delgado and blogger Lamar White join Jeremy White for an all-politics episode in the immediate aftermath of the special legislative session.
Knick and James go dancing in the dark, walking through the park, and reminiscing.
David Vitrano joins Jeremy and Sunny to discuss the cancellation of a triathlon. David also explains how a certain prisoner regularly treats his penis like a Swingline.
Knick and James do their best to peel apart the onion of mystery that is Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. Nostalgia is considered and discarded in favor of talking about video games.
Sunny Weathers makes a glorious phonetic discovery while he, Jeremy White, and Knick Moore discuss the influence of language on personal savings rates.
Knick and James tackle some big ones this week. Seriously: cats vs. dogs, HVAC systems and galactic domination, and which gibberish-speaking Star Wars creatures are the sexiest.
Knick and James both saw Deadpool over the weekend along with everyone else. It’s going to be a bit spoilery this week on Dorque.
Sunny Weathers tells how hooking up with a fat girl got him out of a ticket, and Adam Wilson reveals the story behind a still-running, decadelong private joke.
Comedian Evan Rabalais joins Jeremy and Sunny to talk about white guilt and the most wretched hive of scum and villainy in Baton Rouge.

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