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Doctors caring for Steve Scalise announced that the Louisiana congressman is regaining his disdain for destitute and disenfranchised people quicker than any of them anticipated.
In a decision widely derided as "bizarre," President Donald Trump today tweeted his apparent intent to forbid Pontiac Trans Ams nationwide.
“Doesn’t have to be great, doesn’t have to include wifi, just has to get us back in time a little bit,” muttered a well-placed anonymous spokesman from the office of Boy Scouts of America.
Manchester, VT – (
The famous and often outrageous leftist ice cream manufacturer Ben & Jerrys has fallen out of step with the appetite America has for ice cream by fooling around with its number one dessert!
For unsuspecting residents of senior living community Silver Eagle Estates in Kingman, Arizona, it seemed too crazy to be believed: the quiet, unassuming couple next door had turned out to be gay.
Every day I put off cutting my nail only means that when I inevitably do, the annihilation of whole universes will be that much more substantial.
And here’s the final part! The answers appear in five minutes. If you found it funny (or just downright disturbing), feel free to share and tell your friends! 24. I have a vision of my country, and I cannot sit and watch things pass by. 25. You cannot get rid of me… You hate me […]
In response to the bewildering number of price comparison sites now competing to save you money on everything from travel to car insurance, a new comparison site,, has been launched to help consumers compare them. ‘I wasn’t sure whether Go Compare, Compare the Market, or Money Supermarket would save me most on my...
Guilt by omission is a favorite tactic of both sides of the media these days, but Hannity spent an entire hour neglecting to even acknowledge a leak suggesting our president is exploring options to fire special prosecutor Robert Mueller and pardon himself. On the night of this breaking news, Hannity and the rest of the Fox & Frauds hid…
The news doesn’t need to be complicated and confusing; that’s what any new release from Microsoft is for. And, as in the case with anything from Microsoft, to keep the news from worrying our pretty little heads over, remember something new and equally indecipherable...
A&E is reviving the Duck Dynasty franchise with a new audience in mind, according to sources familiar with the project.
President Trump was elected by people expecting him to run this country like he ran his businesses. Spoiler alert: He built his empire with Barnum-esque razzle-dazzle.
The President of the United States, Donald Trump, has pardoned Sean Spicer in what many believe is practice for a series of further pardons later in the year, according to sources close to the president.
More from everybody's favorite dysfunctional cartoon family.
Silicon Valley CA: Playboy Magazine has announced that the monthly publication (with the titillating centerfolds and intellectual articles) is bringing back pictures of nude women after a short hiatus. Once again marketing managers have proven the old adage “Sex Sells” is still true.
Hawaii judge Derrick Watson, along with judges from a 9th Circuit appeals panel, have blocked White House press secretary Sean Spicer's resignation from taking effect.
Offred was forced to have sex with the commander again in front of his wife. Who treats white women like that!? Ugh, it was so terrible, because that like literally is my life.
Hope you enjoyed the quiz! Answers: 1. Macron 2. Mussolini 3. Macron 4. Macron 5. Mussolini 6. Macron 7. Macron 8. Macron 9. Mussolini 10. Mussolini 11. Macron 12. Mussolini 13. Macron 14. Mussolini 15. Mussolini 16. Macron 17. Macron 18. Mussolini 19. Mussolini 20. Macron 21. Mussolini 22. Macron 23. Mussolini 24. Macron 25. […]
‘We haven’t seen this particular approach before, in which a man quite brazenly waves a large deposit at sales staff before producing a pen and ruthlessly signing document after document, before riding off on his healthily-gotten gains,’ said a police spokesman.
Tweet Tower—Donald Trump announced his decision today to appoint Swamp Thing to head the Department of Homeland Security. Many are already calling into question Swamp Thing’s lack of related experience, or the lack of any employment history whatsoever since a laboratory explosion forced him to reside in a nearby swamp in 1972. In a rare comment former…

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