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Facing a third consecutive decade of economic stagnation and negative population growth, members of the Chamber of Commerce of Wehaten******ville, Texas recently put to voters a proposal to change the town's name to something a little more business friendly.
This very special bonobo ape lives in Des Moines, Iowa under the watchful care of scientists with the Great Ape Trust, where he spends his days making fires, communicating through computerized pictograms, and, now and again, snacking on choice dumps.
I care about women's rights and want to make sure women aren't perceived as basic, so I need to call out basic dumb bitch behavior when I see it. Otherwise, men will do it for me.
Honest Adolph Novel Serial, Volume I Amazon link Other stores Chapter 2: Two Spoons An’ Yer Quarter-Half Saul Friedman paced anxiously around his office. The rather peculiar guest he was anticipating was not exactly renowned for his timeliness. ‘Well, this old schmuck ain’t no Immanuel Kant, put it that way!’ he lamented, anxiously stirring his […]
After last night’s general election TV debate, top Tory Boris Johnson has hit out at the electorate for showing ‘increasing signs of bias against the government’. The Foreign Secretary insisted that the BBC’s choice of viewers was ‘totally unfair to the government’ and was ‘in no way representative of the stonking support for the prime...
The rightwing aversion to truth is worsening and it’s spreading like a T-Virus at a Trump rally. Resident Drivel? The Foxeteers continue to shun the implications of any data, studies, or facts that contradict their ailing ideology. Valid data is fake science and valid points are fake news. Whereas conspiracy theories are abound on the left as well, liberal angst is still generally…
The vast inequality that’s rending our society is not a natural, inevitable or accidental phenomenon — it’s caused intentionally by policy decisions that corporate and political officials make, often in tandem.
According to David, last night was the fourth night in a row that he and his wife of many years cuddled…and then watched TV.
Were police sent to guard the mortuary holding ‘Moors Murderer’ Ian Brady’s body due to fears that an attempt would be made to resurrect him? Tabloids accused of exploiting dead killer's notoriety for circulation with bizarre stories of body snatching and return from the grave.
WASHINGTON, D.C. (The Adobo Chronicles, Washington Bureau) - No other president in history has ever been so careless in his tweets, often misspelling words that kids easily ace in the National Spelling Bee. Like Donald Trump. Like 'covfefe.' Trump's tweet has gone viral but no one has dared to correct his spelling. Well, we will. The…
Volume I of my anti-war novel, Honest Adolph, is now being serialized for the second time. You can now catch it here at Glossy News! You can only read Volume I of Honest Adolph if you read the serial here, at Glossy News; or better still, if you buy the ebook. Author: Wallace Runnymede Title: […]
Now understood to be the vast majority of Americans, opponents of "President" Donald Trump can take a sigh of relief today after the CIA announced this morning that his candidacy and the administration that followed was in fact an elaborate ruse designed to compromise Russian intelligence networks.
It frustrates you to know I get laid more than you. I have chicken legs and a cartoonish beer belly. I have a hooknose and my eyes are a bit too close together.
Joyless and broken adults are calling for the latest kids’ craze to be banned along with any other tenuous reminder of those halcyon days and the carefree abandon of their own youth, it can be reported. Fidget spinners, small revolving toys which all children can use, are currently all the rage. ‘It’s the fun in...
Tweet Tower—The Trump camp is downplaying the sudden trial and execution of former FBI-Director Robert Mueller, which occurred while the president and his family were dining at his Mar-A-Lago resort yesterday. The President refused to speak on the matter, but he did mention the meal was wonderful and for dessert they had “the best cheesecake!” Ever since Mueller’s appointment…
The Trump/Comey White House transcript revealed! I just happened to get my hands on the awkward, yet much sought after Trump/Comey White House Dinner transcript and neither one remembers who invited who or who ordered the smoking gun. DONALD TRUMP: So how’s the wife? JAMES COMEY: Good. TRUMP: How are those Petunia’s comin’ this year?
TOKYO, Japan (The Adobo Chronicles, Tokyo Bureau) - Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has cancelled a planned visit to Japan next month to focus on the situation in Marawi City where the terrorist group Maute has launched a siege, prompting the proclamation of Martial Law in Mindanao. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe perfectly understands Duterte's change of…
The election campaign, only two weeks old, has descended into chaos with nobody knowing what is going on any more.

At the beginning everyone knew what was happening. The Tories were set to win a landslide because Labour's Jeremy Corbyn was a leftie anorak who nobody would vote for.
One of my Facebook friends recently posted a yet seemingly simple, but ultimately complex question. “Can any of my genius friends explain to me what, “I didn’t MEAN to lie” means? I’m kinda lost”

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