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Looking to keep up with other chains who are expanding their own selection of inexpensive items, McDonald's will introduce the 89c "Mystery Sampler" of partially consumed food to their budget menu this week.
SILICON VALLEY, California (The Adobo Chronicles, San Jose Bureau) - Gone are the glory days of Mocha Uson, Thinking Pinoy and other major major bloggers. Their millions of followers will now be reduced to a maximum of 500 followers. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg told The Adobo Chronicles that beginning January 1, 2018, the social media giant will impose…
Secret Santa the public never sees exposed! Father Christmas accused of being a ruthless sexual predator who, has been abusing his position of trust to sate his perverted desires!
Londoners warned of threat posed to Christmas shoppers by gang of crazed dwarves dressed as Christmas elves. Police claim that evil elves are targeting people buying and giving inappropriate and disappointing gifts for relatives.
Are feminists now using mind readers to detect men's lewd thoughts? Tory MP claims feminist fundamentalists want to see men prosecuted for their abusive sexual fantasies about women.
Washington, DC -(

Ex-President Barack Obama opposes offering a different kind of 'cash reparations' to the descendants of slaves, putting him at odds with some black groups and BLM leaders.
Although their presence is ubiquitous across the United States, Americans are doing their best to pretend that there aren't thousands of UFOs in the sky.
Sometimes, in a cynical and jaded age (so what else is new?) we turn away in disgust at simplicity, vulnerability, gentleness, sweetness, innocence. We laugh and we ridicule and we condemn. We are fearful, so we make others afraid too. WATCH OUT FOR MY INSPIRATIONAL, PROVOCATIVE AND ENCOURAGE ‘JOY MACHINE’ BOOK IN 2018! #WeAreGreaterThanWeKnow #JoyMachineSometimes, […]The post An Age of Cynicism? Or is this Every Age? appeared first on
More visitors than Reagan's! Fewer tears than Kennedy's! Less graffiti than Bush's! The Donald J. Trump Presidential library is legit on fleet.
It has come to our attention that Prince Harry is being forced to have his future wife sign a prenuptial agreement. According to "inside sources", the terms so far state that 'in the event of a termination of marriage' Meghan will be granted ownership of 11 of the original 13 colonies per the boundaries as of 04.July.1776.
Our intrepid talk radio host interviews Henry Kissinger! ANNOUNCER Live from under a rock in your backyard, it’s The Jerry Duncan Show. JERRY Good morning listeners nationwide. Is it a good morning? We’ll soon find out...
Lubbock, Texas – (

Tony Ray Thornton, the President and CEO of the Lubbock, Texas Planned Parenthood affiliate, was released from custody Tuesday morning following his arrest Monday for indecent exposure.
According to every major poll in galaxies near and far, far away, the one thing fans were hoping would finally be added to the Star Wars universe: a purple-haired Laura Dern.
Washington, DC – (
A former White House doctor revealed that his medical examinations of Natasha (Sasha) and Malia Obama showed that the girls had received female circumcision (sometimes referred to Female Genital Mutilation, or FGM, and Female Genital Cutting).

The procedure is almost exclusively used among Muslims as a way to remove sexual pleasure for females during intercourse and as a means of showing male dominance and control over women and the sexual act.
Steve Jurvonovich, an IT professional who has been handling the complex math involved in the US federal tax overhaul, has notified congress that he can't add.
Detroit MI- (
Democratic National Cars (DNC) announced their new line-up of blue automobiles for 2018, commencing with the re-engineered 2018 Pelosi to be manufactured in the USA.
The once very popular television series, Crime Scene Investigation, which aired from 2000 to 2015, has recently announced that it will finally be able to properly reward viewers for their years and years of investment in the field of Forensic Science.
WASHINGTON, D.C. (The Adobo Chronicles, Washington Bureau) - The Washington Post is reporting that the Trump administration has banned officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention from using these seven words in budget documents  evidence-based science-based vulnerable entitlement diversity transgender fetus So, before Trump permanently says “You’re fired!” to these seven words, The Adobo Chronicles would…

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