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A Baton Rouge pastor is ruffling some feathers among her flock by responding to their petitions for prayer for ill friends and relatives with a slogan frequently used to counter the civil rights refrain “black lives matter.”
Westminster Kennel Show….opps Royal Wedding!

Singer Elton John was upset at the Royal Wedding to see that he wasn’t “the biggest Queen” in attendance. He felt that his presence was upstaged by that of Queen Elizabeth II at the marriage of her grandson, Prince Harry, to Meagan the Commoner.
I recently did my bit for Donald Trump on The Spoof. But I’m continuing to support him by reprinting my article here! You’ll see in a moment why I’m doing this
The Ministry For Running About is a new ministry that aims to encourage people to get out on the streets and run more. Theresa May could think of no-one better to lead it than Stephen Hawking, despite the fact he is not an MP.
Today's White House press briefing took a dramatic turn when Press Secretary Sarah Sanders smacked a boy straight across the mouth.
Jeremy White, Sunny Weathers, and The Family Dinner’s David Vitrano are coming at you off the top rope from El Rio Grande Mexican Restaurant in this wrestling-reference-filled episode.
ABBA have been terrorizing Sweden for decades and last night’s attack was just the tip of the iceberg.
Los Angeles, CA – (
Dr. Rami Gushinari finally released to the public the official 25 page LA Coroner’s report on Michael Jackson. The ‘King of Pop’ died from a drug overdose and was laid to rest in Woodlawn Cemetery for the Elite and Pompous almost seven years ago.
SILICON VALLEY, California (The Adobo Chronicles, San Jose Bureau) - After many years of debate, experts have finally confirmed that the computer is not a 20th Century Invention. A joint statement was issued today signed by top technical and religious experts, saying that Apple, Microsoft and other computer pioneers did not invent the computer. They added:…
Dan Sparks of Falls Church, Virginia is full of surprises. Unfortunately, as far as his wife of fifty-one years is concerned, they always involve his penis.
Local couple JoHanna Heath and Craig Ash have recently hit a rough patch in their relationship but that doesn’t mean that they’re giving up on their love of free-cycling goods!
Speaking to members of the press for the first time since tendering his resignation as Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency on Thursday, Scott Pruitt vowed that he would continue his war on the environment in his free time as a citizen.
EDITORIAL Today, The Adobo Chronicles is pleased and honored to announce that we have decided to endorse Donald Trump to be the next president of the United States. While we normally do not engage in partisan politics in order to maintain our fairness and objectivity as a news organization, we are making this exception, just this time.…
Although the period after World War II is generally remembered as an existential struggle between two nuclear superpowers to control the planet earth, Republicans this week revealed that it was, in fact, just a comical series of miscommunications.
With temperatures reaching 95F in some parts of the country, people are turning to desperate measures to stay cool in the blistering heat. But Kevin Prichard, 25, may have gone further than anyone after finding himself unable to sleep due to the humid conditions.
The Trump Administration gave endangered status to five species of White American Wage Earners today, replacing the Northern Gray Otter on The Endangered Species List. In a tandem move, the administration also eliminated every other animal and plant from the list.
With tensions on the grid rising, with just an hour to go before the race starts, Button can be seen with a cigarette in each hand, getting in his much needed dose of nicotine before the race.

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