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SAN DIEGO, CA - Scott "Fuzzy" Dunlop, a homeless man who has been known on occasion to masturbate out of doors, was "humbled and more than a little embarrassed" to recognize a description of himself performing the act in Golden Hill Park in a post on NextDoor today.
With gingerbread housing costs continuing to soar, many gummy bear families are finding it difficult to keep a frosted roof over their heads this holiday season.
The imminent decision of a Memphis, Tennessee grand jury's decision of whether to indict a man who resorted to poisoning the wild packs of children beleaguering his neighborhood could set a precedent for similar cases around the country.
Three people are dead and a dozen more injured after a man working as a department store Santa Claus opened fire inside a Dallas-area shopping center Sunday.
Brice Waterford, an election denier who has repeatedly claimed that Democrats cheated to install Joe Biden as President, is now denying that he lost his own race for Secretary of State of Nevada, as well as his hair, youth, and wife, among other things.
Has a notorious Victorian ghoul returned to terrorise Britain’s streets? Is ‘Flame Arsed Jack’ is once more abroad, frightening women and children with his anal arson antics? Mass hysteria, supernatural apparition, or 'Wokerati' bogeyman invented to scare children into being woke? Experts disagree as to true nature of 'Flame Arsed Jack'.
Government denies Security Service's 'honey trap' scheme - 'Operation Spanker's Bonus' - succeeded in entrapping only Tory MPs rather than foreign agents and domestic security threats. According to spokes person top Tory MP didn't suffer heart attack while strapped into spanking machine and senior minister not caught off his face on drugs.
Did the Queen jump out of her coffin at lying in state as practical joke before expiring again? Did those viewing coffin experience healing miracles? Top psychologist claims UK spent period of Royal mourning in state of hysteria, hallucinating late monarch as saint-like figure, as a 'Royal Death Cult' gripped nation.
Paranormal Investigator, Exorcist and Agony Aunt The Reverend Leonard Fanny advises readers on their supernatural problems. This time he counsels a convent suffering from the activities of a 'Bad Saviour'. Is a devil abroad as nuns claim effigy of Christ climbs down from cross nightly to ravish them?
Drawn from random samplings of trick or treat bags taken from kids living in predominately minority neighborhoods and those residing in mostly white areas, the paper's findings were shocking.
All too often when someone is diagnosed with chronic traumatic encephalopathy or some other progressive run for the border, they are dismissed, sodomized and labeled as broken, useless. Limited by others' low opinion of their abilities, they are reduced to the most menial jobs and having to ride the bus because someone took their dog license.
One month after introducing a bill to define "gender solely as a person’s reproductive biology at birth" for the purposes of Title IX – effectively prohibiting trans women from participating in women's athletics - House Republicans have added an amendment that would also ban non-trans women from playing sports.
Firstly Mrs. Keenum, let me express my deepest condolences for the loss of your son. It's always difficult when someone so young and so vibrant, someone with their whole life still ahead of them, is called back to the Lord's heavenly flock so early.
Desperate to turn the tide in Ukraine despite worsening supply issues, Russia is reportedly arming many of its new conscripts with less modern weapons such as hammers and pointed sticks.
Adding to the inflation crisis as the centerpiece of their midterm platform to retake Congress in November, Republicans are seizing on the destruction Hurricane Ian is wrecking under President Biden's watch.
Saying it was the only responsible thing to do, a group of scientists reluctantly launched a spacecraft to nudge an asteroid into the path of planet earth.
As rising inflation and supply chain snags continue to compel producers to squeeze consumers, consumers are increasingly passing those extra costs onto their children, a new report shows.

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Having built seven new stadiums, an airport and dozens of hotels to host this year's World Cup, Qatar is reportedly also breaking ground on several mass graves to accommodate the thousands of fans they expect will violate their strict Muslim laws during their visit.

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Stop the clock! If I knew five years ago that a President would come along and wipe out everyone's student debt, I would've stayed in high school and gone to college myself!
McCoy, former President Donald Trump's endorsee to represent the Tarheel State's 15th District, initially denied responsibility for setting the blaze after first responders found him asleep behind the wheel of his BMW X5 in the middle of his neighbor's front yard.


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