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Cleveland, OH – (
A bingo hall in Cleveland announced plans to hold Catholic church services in their basement. Owner of the Grace Bingo Parlor said that this practice would begin in early June and would continue as long as the church services were successful and well attended.
Skeletor, an evil demon from another dimension, said he can no longer stand by as the liberal media attacks simple middle class people like himself.
The Southern Poverty Law Center has been at the forefront of many important agendas of American civic life, for quite some time. The poor, the Southern and most of all, the legalistic, have all sought shelter under the wings of the holy dove of mercy. But speaking of holy doves; the SPLC has provoked a […]
There's nothing like coming home at the end of the day to a tiny, dingy $800-a-month basement apartment to remind you that your dreams are a sham.
A Doncaster man has been banned from his local gym after it was found that he had been regularly having a post-workout shower without taking a piss at the same time. The offence was spotted by the male changing room cleaner, who noted that the shower tray remained a pristine white colour after Peter Smith, 24, emerged at 630pm each evening, rather than having the more typical light yellow film around the edges.
Someone needs to put Zano back in his place and that someone is me! He’s starting to get a little too smug in his old age and sometimes he needs reminded he’s not a Jedi yet. This is a rebuttal of sorts to his feature: A Review Of Ken Wilber’s ‘Trump And A Post-Truth World’: Or, How I Stopped Evolving And…
Attorney General Jeff Sessions denied that lying behind his smug smirk is a pack of lies — at least, not that he recalls.
Having just returned from a grueling 13-day, 5 nation tour of Asia, President Trump may be disappointed to learn that he could be asked to spend a lot more time abroad after an analysis revealed that his trip made the region significantly dumber.
Hollywood, CA (

According to her publicist, actress Heidi Montag is home taking a rest for the next six weeks, “Heidi is taking some time off to allow her back and spine some needed rest.”
Cairo, Egypt-(
Egyptian authorities have begun the process of building the fourth Pyramid of Giza in order to alleviate the severe unemployment problem that has plagued the country since 5,000 BC. Labor sources have related that up to 4 million laborers will be needed to haul cut stone from the ancient quarry located 30 miles from the building site in time to celebrate the new constitution and subsequent free elections.
NASA-Washington DC- (

Agents at the NSA have finally broken an ultra secret code that thwarted the intelligence agency for almost 25 years. The suspected breach of national security was discovered during a review of a Congressional speech that was televised in 1985. The 45 minute speech was given by Congresswomen Nancy Pelosi of California as she addressed the Congressional Investigative Committee for Unidentified Flying Objects (CICUFO).
A new horror film “The Malignant Seven” opened at The Lockheed Martin IMAX Theater located at the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC, for Halloween night only. The theater’s six-story screen is bigger than any other in the city. If you’ve ever wanted to be immersed in an R-Rated, 60 feet high slimy political horror film, The Malignant Seven produced by Harvey Weinstein and directed by Michael Moore fulfilled your every wish!
In the rush to quickly fill federal district court appointments, critics wonder if nominees are being properly vetted, as Eric Cartman comes up for a vote.
Essential guidance for top executives, both in the public and private sectors, when aspects of professional conduct within their organisations are exposed and interpreted by the media and public in an irrationally negative light.
Jon Stewart became the latest celebrity to face charges of sexual misconduct today after it was alleged that the actor and comedian anally assaulted hundreds of kittens while volunteering at a Long Island animal shelter.
Former Democratic National Committee (DNC) Chair Donna Brazile has released excepts from her forthcoming book entitled “Hacks.” Donna exposed the sins of Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party hierarchy during the 2016 Presidential election cycle.
Seattle, WA – (

On the first anniversary of the 2016 presidential election, anti-Trump liberals gathered at events across the country to express their rage of losing a ‘shoo-in’ election in 2016 by ‘screaming helplessly at the sky’.
President Trump today visited the Great Wall of China and admired the famous structure, and was also surprised that Mexicans could travel so far on foot.
So difficult to get things done with the Senate always getting in the way, but these filibusters, they make it hard. We need filibuster reform, even if it is such a fun word to say.

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