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Tweet Tower–Shortly after the announcement that long time Communications Director Hope Hicks would be leaving her position at the White House, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee-Sanders said, “The president is already turning this into a positive. He is creating a new campaign for 2020. No Hope! It really says it all, and it fits nicely on…
by Will Durst.More presidential wacky nonsense: arm teachers President Donald Trump tossed out some wacky nonsense, saying we should arm teachers, which encouraged the press and public to go nuts debating this ludicrous suggestion, totally ignoring commonsense ... Read moreThe Cafeteria Lady Is Packing HeatSubscribe to our monthly Humor Times magazine here, available worldwide, in print or digital format. Pick up a copy at Barnes & Noble and other stores all over the U.S.
London – (
Secret service bailiffs are poised to evict Meghan Markle from her Kensington Palace safe-house after the ageing American gold digger failed a security background check.
LONDON, United Kingdom (The Adobo Chronicles, Berlin Bureau) - KFC, the old, reliable fastfood chain has apologized to its patrons for the shortage of its prime menu item — chicken. A shortage of chicken has forced many KFC stores to temporarily close shop. An investigation conducted by The Adobo Chronicles revealed the reason for the shortage:…
After a raucous night of partying following the conclusion of the 2018 Winter Games, athletes awoke to a harsh reaction from the Head Dean of The Olympic Village.
Responding to a strong backlash against the gun industry and its political advocates in the wake of the Parkland massacre last week, the National Rifle Association pointed out today that the United States actually trails several other countries in mass shootings.
If you have an emotional support animal, you know how great they are.  You also know that dogs are tres passé.  In their stead, people are turning to other more obvious heroes such as the ones we've included here.
Reacting to a growing tide of anger at the organization, and fearing for its safety, the NRA asked Congress to ban gun control advocates from owning guns.
LOS ANGELES, CA - Scientists at Hooba Labs used genetic modification to create the first ever watermelon consisting almost entirely of seeds.
After having opened up the borders in Arizona as it’s liberal governor, and then continuing her career as Czarina of Homeland Insecurity, Janet (Jack) Napolitano says she’s taking her distinctive white skunk striped hairdo and leaving for the hallowed halls of California to take up the reins as the lower leanings president of liberal education for all of California’s universities.
Government's plans for sex education in schools under fire. Minister proposes establishment of proper training schemes for potential sex offenders to ensure their aptitude and proficiency in their chosen field of deviance.
Are the great British public actually a bunch of ill informed morons? With radio phone ins more popular than ever and social media allowing ordinary citizens to publicly express their opinions as never before, top academic claims that everything they say is utter, ill informed, bollocks. Should government actually be discouraging greater electoral engagement by the terminally ignorant?
A bunch of lit classes I have to take (because they make you take them if you’re a communications major, even though I don’t see what literature has to do with communication) have books in them talking about all the irony we have in modern life. And even though some guy said 9-11 was the death of irony I noticed there’s still plenty of it around, especially in college.
Like and RT this fragrance. Like and RT this fragrance. Like and RT this fragrance. Like and RT this fragrance. Like and RT this fragrance. Like and RT this fragrance. Like and RT this fragrance. Like and RT this fragrance.
WASHINGTON - President Trump is shaking up his cabinet yet again with the appointment of AR-15 as the new Secretary of Health and Human Services. ​

​"I aim to protect all remaining American lives by making it easier to buy guns," said AR-15.
Hawthorne CA – (
Space X CEO Elon Musk announced that the Falcon Heavy rocket was launched successfully on February 8, 2018 from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida. This giant vehicle boosted a payload of his cherry-red Tesla sports car, although it could easily boost up to 24 metric tons into an Earth orbit.
With yet another US mass shooting happening at yet another school this past Wednesday, gun critics and anti-gun fanatics have come crawling out of the woodworks to rehash their tired, illogical arguments against the 2nd amendment–our God-given right to bear any and all AR-15 or 57, M16, AK 9, 12, 74, 101, 102, or 103, Barrett, Berretta, Ruger, M1 or M110, Sig, Browning, or Colt ad infinitum we can get our hands on.
President Trump today renewed his call to promote the mentally ill after a mass shooting at the hands of 19 year-old Nikolas Cruz that left 17 high school students dead in Parkland, Florida this week.
In an effort to increase viewership during the Winter Games, the Olympic Committee announced a few changes to the event itinerary.

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