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Wherein our intrepid talk radio host, Jerry Duncan, interviews Republican House Majority Leader Paul Ryan. ANNOUNCER Live from under a rock in your backyard, it’s The Jerry Duncan Show. JERRY Good morning listeners nationwide.
Durham, NC – (
Morris Helms says he’s never been busier! The retired veteran, who looks a healthy 50 instead of being a few days away from turning 65, says ever since he read an ad looking for contestants in a local amateur mixed martial arts contest he’s been very busy on Saturday nights. “ Wow! It’s like taking candy from a baby!”
Pop star and current self-revisionist, Taylor Swift, held an exclusive interview with Iron E! reporter, Ima Noyeen, at her apartment in New York (Swift’s, not Ima’s) and we’re here to give you the inside scoop.
Debunking the commonly held belief that ex-49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick was the first NFL player to take a knee during the National Anthem, it was discovered this weekend that retired star running back Ricky Williams has been protesting racial injustice in the same manner from the privacy of his own home since 2012.
A man kneeling to pray during the national anthem at AT&T stadium confounded the Vice President who was unsure whether to applaud him, or run him out of town on a rail.
Check out this beautiful poster with 10 Gas Saving Tips for the Summer. You've never seen tips like these!
( Walter Bucket Presents True Facts......
Winners of the 2017 Worst New Fast Food Dishes That Were Scrapped:
#1. Papa John’s Haggis on a Flatbread Pizza.
#2. Jack In The Box Mini-Trough of Eggs, Meat and Tater Melt. #3. Krispy Kreme’s Mystery-Filled Long Johns!
#4. Captain D’s Whole Frog Chowder!

Congratulations to these companies and consolations to those still puny after the taste tests.
Another bombshell dropped concerning US Representative Tim Murphy this week when it was revealed that he was a fake Pirates fan.
Philadelphia, PA – (

An assault trial over a fight that cost a man his left eye ended in a mistrial Wednesday when his prosthetic eye popped out as he was testifying, startling jurors to the point that some had to be excused.
Hollywood, CA – (

War on Women? Sexism? Wealth sharing? Gun control? Job equality? Liberalism? Yes, those are the talking points of today’s left, but the icons of the movement sing a different tune when it pertains to themselves and their personal attitudes. The true hypocrites in our modern culture attempt to bend traditional values and use people then discard them when their value has been diminished.
Knowing that he could probably use some cheering up, comedian Bill Cosby reportedly shared an inspirational kitten posting with producer Harvey Weinstein.
A $100 permit and microchip implant a must for iguana identification?  Too many iguanas?  Watch out.  Iguanas growing to be 6 feet long?  May live 20 years?  Terrorist iguanas?
Okay, yeah, so it was recently revealed that after a lengthy political career as an outspoken opponent of abortion I asked a woman with whom I had been engaged in an extramarital affair to terminate her pregnancy, but, well. Let's just say, no more abortions again, starting... now!
Area resident and father of two, Harry Fits, was accused yesterday of sneezing under false pretenses.
Dear Jared: Please tell me, how do you keep your marriage going strong? You and Ivanka look so happy, holding hands all the time. -Andrea, age 32
Tim Cook's voice sounded almost dreamlike as it reverberated off the pillars and buttresses of the repurposed superchurch that served as Apple's Announcement Pod.
Tony said, 'I tried my hand at stand-up comedy once, but it was quite hard writing actual jokes and stuff, and anyway I’m pretty sure people prefer my slapstick stuff and general goofing around. They can't get enough me, the office would be pretty dull if I were to leave.'
Tweet Tower—President Donald Trump is blaming his military Generals, not his related tweets, on the latest confusion that resulted in tons of hurricane relief supplies arriving in N. Korea and an armada of U.S. Navy warships being dispatched to Puerto Rico. Kim Jong Un was reportedly “as surprised as anyone” that four supply freighters filled with food, water…
A lot of countries have problems. The main one is, they’re not utopias. It’s surprising that there aren’t more perfect places in the world.
Amid concerns for their safety, and fearing that their second amendment rights may be under attack, animals have been purchasing guns in large numbers.

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