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An increasing number of people in the UK are declining to express definite opinions when asked about complex issues of which they know little.
Now that a comprehensive tax bill has been signed into law, relieved Republicans can finally begin impeachment proceedings.
WASHINGTON, D.C. (The Adobo Chronicles, Washington Bureau) - On the eve of New Year’s eve, President Donald Trump fired all the remaining members of the Presidential Council on HIV/AIDS, months after about half a deozen members resigned in protest of Trump’s position on health poilicies. At the same time, The White House announced that applications to…
Hoping to duplicate the success of Bitcoin and other digital currencies, Sesame Street today announced the creation of Bertcoin.

Washington DC- (
Texas Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) stood on the US House floor in debate of an amendment to the Department of the Interior/Environmental Protection Agency’s spending bill. The amendment would ban the Confederate flag from being flown in federal cemeteries. Representative Lee (D-TX) obtained a BA in political science from Yale University and a JD from the University Of Virginia School Of Law. She also minored in American history, espousing a few years ago about the USA’s remarkable 400 year old Constitution.
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Corn Pone, TN – (
Tennessee State highway patrol officials say the blue 2013 Prius pulled from a 25 foot snow bank is a car registered to Albert Gore. A passing motorist saw a faint glimmer of a tail light flashing from within the massive snowbank near Hollow Brook Road in rural Tennessee. Police say the body inside was frozen so stiff from the -23 deg F temperatures they had to cut the roof and doors off the vehicle to remove the body.
With his family lacking health insurance and unable to pay for a pricey prosthetic, Jordan Liddle had resigned himself to being limbless long-term - that is until a group of his fellow Meriwether Lewis Middle School came together to give their friend a new lease on life.
President Donald Trump reviews the Netflix series "Dark"
Leon Springs, CA – (
Well, you knew it was coming right? Just a few years after Bruce Jenner declared himself a ‘woman’ with man parts, washed-up cyclist and admitted doper Lance Armstrong is going to give womanhood a chance and enter the Tour de France bicycle event as a woman.
WASHINGTON, D.C. (The Adobo Chronicles, Washington Bureau) - House Speaker Paul Ryan today categorically denied that he screwed an altar boy. Ryan was reacting to a statement by entertainment personality Rosie O’Donnel, who said that Ryan is going “straight to hell.”  O’Donnel was referring to the tax plan recently passed in Congress, courtesy of Ryan and…
When John F. Kennedy called upon America to put a man on the moon, It made sense to assume Mars would be next. Some had a problem with that ...
The first interview is with Glossy News Stalwart and editor of The Satirist, Dan Geddes.  Question 1 (From Alexander Pope) WALLACE: Brian K.White of Glossy News once interviewed you about your work at The Satirist. The latter is a fairly highbrow publication; but to me, it appears to carry this sophistication and erudition with a somewhat […]The post Freedom of Speech, Offense and Satire (Interview 1: Dan Geddes) appeared first on
I'm a man who took more than half a month tracking down a bird with nothing but the shirt on his back and an $800 bird costume. A proud man.
Fogeys, fops and dandies are ‘joyful’ today as the season for using words like ’tis, ’twas and ‘twixt has arrived. ‘I love those olde-worlde, Dickensian words and expressions,’ said articled clerk Roger Tweed, 57. ‘I was only saying to Mrs Tweed on the 16th inst. how splendid it will be to ask people what their...
by James Israel.“It makes me feel so Christian,” says lawmaker whose family still gets the best health insurance. “Donald Trump is like a merciful King, allowing us to say ‘Merry Christmas’ again,” said Paul Ryan, Republican Speaker ... Read moreGOP Celebrates Being Able to Say ‘Merry Christmas’ to Kids They Are UninsuringSubscribe to our monthly Humor Times magazine here, available worldwide, in print or digital format.
Right wing talk radio, Fox News and a lot of angry, foaming
at the mouth people egged on by them would have you believe that there is a war on Christmas. They insist that the greeting, "Happy Holidays" is part of a plot to ban the observance from public life. One of the targets of their rage has been Starbucks... Have a look at what I found!
WASHINGTON, D.C. (The Adobo Chronicles, Washington Bureau)- Melanie Trump went overboard decorating The White House for Donald’s first Christmas.  But it’s also going to be their last. Consistent with the President’s crusade to reverse many of the Obama administration’s policies — from Obamacare to DACA to Transgender bathrooms — he has signed an Executive Order on…
Was Santa killed and replaced by double in 1996? Astonishing claims by 'Santa is Dead' conspiracy theorists that Santa replaced by Jesus after being hit by van while delivering presents! 'I buried Santa' claims former van driver!
North Korea – (
North Korean Leader-for-Life Kim Jong Un made his first public appearance in five weeks. The official state media reported Tuesday that Jong Un was in splendid health and swam in frigid water for almost 25 miles, climbed 12,000 foot Mt. Un Lin by himself, then bedded 12 prostitutes to prove his healthiness.

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