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"Ten out of ten for purr-severance. Geddit?" Jimmy Popper, Puns Correspondent, CNN
"Tiger, you say there's a man trapped down by the boat yard? He's being held by Russians and only has an hour to live? OK, lead on little man. I'll be right behind you." Kent Rugby, Tarzan's Everywhere CEO
"It would have been funnier if he had got the hiccups during that. Is he playing for laughs or not?" Harry Zonderblurb, Fast Talker
"She be no Tarzan. Tarzan would be all like 'come here and wrestle, man'. Jeez." Kent Rugby, Tarzan's Everywhere CEO
"That's a purdy amount for a whole kin load of folk." Kent Rugby, Down With The Kids
"In all fairness they've probably removed the panther's teeth, but it would made a nasty sucky gum mark."
"Do eggs come out the right way if the chicken lays like that? This video asks more questions than it answers.." Jessie Krufts, Questioner
"Yeah, not quite Mary Poppin's bag is it? Come back when you can get one pulling a large pot plant out of her mouth."
"The slow golfer guys in front have been making up stories about a Jurassic sized Gator slowing them down for years. It had to happen eventually."
"I agree, the first guy was a bit letchy. The second guy though was a little bit too cute for this reviewer. 3.5/10" Harry Zonderblurb, Film Reviewer
"I love watching people with hairy faces laugh." Fred Flunkee, Hirsute Fan
"Ew. I hate it when there's nose hair on my bells." Harry Zonderblurb, Pornographer
"This looks like a whole new low budget youtube superhero series to this Netflix subscriber." Fred Flunkee, Netflix Subscriber
"Just don't ask him to any memorial ceremony, he'll be 2 months early." Jessie Krufts, Wanderer
Yeah, that's just like me on Monday mornings before my full body shave." Jessie Krufts, Hairy Man
"If I did that my bedtime coco would go everywhere. I suppose I could put it down but there doesn't seem to be a cabinet or anything and I don't like putting it on the floor because I'd then kick it over in the night. Hmmm." Jessie Krufts, Coco Supperer
"I estimate that the popcorn would have cost over $50,000 at cinema prices. These Youtubers are being paid too much." Jimmy Popper, Accountant
"They promised us flying bicycles by now." Harry Zonderblurb, Technologist
"I hope Affleck aims for 'grumpy Adam West' for his Batman interpretation." Jessie Krufts, Doctor

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