Check Please!
Herman Davis and Robert Rau watch Jessica Lange try to steal Gwyneth Paltrow's baby and a Netflix exclusive horror movie to determine which one should be called "Hush."
Sunny, Knick, and Jeremy talk about more flood recovery, Sunny's acumen for miserable jobs, and tetanus shots. Plus, Knick shares his best worst story from his service industry days.
Knick and James get together, and James tries his honest best to get nerdy before Knick let’s Mother Nature have it.
Sunny, Jeremy, and Knick take a brief respite from helping folks recover from the recent historic flooding to record a cathartic episode.
Evan Rabalais joins Jeremy and a contributor known as Sunny Weathers for our first episode since The Advocate wrote an article about last week's show with Ryan Heck.
Metro Councilman Ryan Heck makes his long-awaited and boisterously candid debut on the show with Jeremy White and Sunny Weathers.
Knick and James are forced to meet via technology this week, but use their time to discuss the hip new craze taking over the world.
The events of the past week prompt Jeremy to set aside his shitty jokes, news quiz, and Five Questions for an honest and open discussion with Jeramaine Jingles and Mike Honore about race relations in Baton Rouge and the rest of the country, as well as their personal experiences interacting with law enforcement and white people.
Two movies titled House enter, only one will leave (with its title) as Herman Davis and Robert Rau watch the 1986 horror film and the 1977 “it’s gotta be horror film because what else could it be” Japanese import to determine which film should be called House.
Knick and James get together to talk about Battlebots, courtroom dramas, robot buddies, and their dreams. There is also a brief discussion about Oedipal issues.
Jared Kendall helps Jeremy and Sunny break down a potential pare-down of New Orleans strip clubs and propose how to keep Bourbon Street skintastic.
Sunny Weathers stops by to fill in for a globe trotting James. He and Knick talk firearms, alcohol, the lessons we’ve learned, Knick’s faith in robot companions, and the future of self love.
Two movies titled Gridlocked(k’d) enter, only one will leave (with its title) as Herman Davis and Robert Rau watch Tupac Shakur’s breakthrough performance and the Canadian record-holder for most bullets on screen to determine which film should be called "Gridlocked(k’d)."
Jeremy, Sunny, and Mike Honore pepper the show with Michael McDonald-esque interludes as they discuss how alleged criminals helped Baton Rouge make national news.
Turn up those headphones ’cause James is back in the Murder Shop for another in-person episode of Dorque. This week, the guys talk about games, cartoons, and attitude in the 90s.
James swings by the Murder Shop for a little in-person Dorque-age. The guys get caught up on nerd news and then spend a lot of time talking about mermaids and other fairy tale creatures.
Jeremy and Sunny chat about Disney World’s hometown’s really bad week, a fired deputy, and a congressman’s inadvertent broadcast of a private meeting.
"Over 81% of Americans didn't even realize it's just one big evolving war in Iraq where we try to fix our mistakes and only seem to make it worse. It's been going on for over a quarter of a century now," reported Senior TNA Researcher Dick Schneider.
Two movies titled (The) Room enter, only one will leave (with its title) as Herman Davis, Nick Gariano, and Robert Rau watch two powerhouse performances from Brie Larson and Tommy Wiseau to determine which film should be called (The) Room.
James is off on his yearly pilgrimage to Bonnaroo, so Knick is joined this week by Sunny Weathers to talk about the Mandela Effect. The guys delve into the possibility of alternate dimensions and parallel universes in their own lives, as well as the usual god-awful topics that come up every time Sunny guest hosts.

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