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Good ol’ activism can unite us in the ethic of the common good. The list of progressive innovations at the grassroots level goes on and on, dealing with one big, complex issue after another that small-minded, corporatist ideologues refuse to tackle (often under the “principle” that government — i.e., the public, i.e., you and me...
Astronauts aboard an International Space Station are on the brink of a discovery that will shake the whole human race. How it shakes out … is for you to see and find out. I will say, though, it does have to do with earth orbit space and...
Debating the merits of the republican party is futile, because they don’t have any. Endlessly conveying to my blogvesary how discourse is dead has become, Ray Charles at a shooting range, aimless. Polarization has led us to this place of irreconcilable political differences. To his credit, Pokey saw this coming too. Whereas he blames liberalism for creating an immoral societal malaise, I place the…
Animal rights activists had a good year, but watch out for tRump! Those who say that we ordinary people can’t have any effect on today’s corporate behemoths should check out two breakthroughs last year by a group the establishment has long derided as somewhere between wacko and criminal: animal rights activists.
The 26th Anniversary Issue of the Humor Times is coming, just in time for desperately needed comic relief! In these strange times, people are worried, and in desperate need of some comic relief. We are committed to doing our civic duty by providing it! And our most popular issue of the year is coming out.
Ashley Nicole Black interviewed black activists remembering the civil rights movement in an exquisite five minute segment on Full Frontal, which includes great footage from the era.
My wife and I have been together for over a decade, and people regularly comment on what a great couple we seem to be together. They then ask how we do it. It’s not one thing, but since this is a Top 12 list, I might just have space to share some advice to explain how we’ve kept it together and real for those of you looking to roll this Valentine’s Day into a successful franchise.
A large financial deal is about to be signed off on, but the required signature for the paperwork is that of a man who has taken time off from his New York office for R & R at a remote mountain retreat in Switzerland.
Which are we? The America of courage, or of fear? Are we the great America of courage, spunk, openness, inclusion, opportunity and democratic promise — as expressed in the Declaration of Independence, the Preamble to the Constitution, Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, Roosevelt’s Four Freedoms and Emma Lazarus’ sonnet engraved on the Statue of Liberty?
However it plays out, someone will target you, steal from you, and leave you angrier than you’ve ever felt in your life.
Mobile gaming has become one of the biggest business trend setters these days. As more and more people adapt to gaming on their mobile devices, there is a lot of gaming apps, which make poker and other card games all the more lucrative and worth a mention. With this said and done, as more and […]
There is an old saying that “a country gets the leaders it deserves.” So what does that say about the United States and the choices it has made of late? It says that we are now a superficial, gullible people.
I wrote 36 reviews of new films in this bizarre year of 2016.  I can’t see all the new movies, nor do I want to. Then there are those that I’m not privy to see. Either they aren’t locally screened or a screener isn’t...
I got nothing against children. They're often cute, and if we're lucky, they grow into human beings instead of progressive butt wipes. What does fry my alt-right ass (apart from a stack of burning Korans about four feet high) is the effect that kids have on the people who create them or who go out and adopt a trendy baby of color, which is, I suspect, a way for some people to signal they're ashamed of being white.
Even though Miss Sloane is constructed to satisfy a personal bias of mine — that being the passage of more sensible laws as to who may buy and own a gun, while not injuring the Second Amendment — it was a bit of a slog...
Postcards from the Pug Bus, the alt-right’s favorite satire site, is now an official sanctuary website. As long as bat-shit-crazy college professors inflict their political views on their students, as long as the homonazis try to destroy a small business owner’s livelihood for making a perfectly legal decision . . . the Pug Bus is their digital home on the web.
Thirty-six years ago today my favorite progressive was murdered. John Winston Lennon was the kind of person who wasn't afraid to take off his clothes and stand up for what he thought was right. I think more progressives ought to follow his lead. Enough with all this pearl clutching and fainting, my fellow Americans, let's see what you've got there—and there, too..
Huffington Post scribbler Cole Delbyck has vowed never to watch Last Tango in Paris again. He put on his big-boy pants and proudly announced his resolve in a mawkish exercise in virtue signaling entitled, “That Famous Rape Scene In ‘Last Tango in Paris’ Was In Fact Not Consensual, Director Says.”

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