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Shot on the streets of Smethwick, Postmark Evil is an insane mix of horror and crime featuring an apparently demonic postman searching for a stolen artefact possessed of evil powers. Made on a miniscule budget, it is part of a cycle of direct-to-video exploitation releases produced by and starring Reg Smedley, all filmed in the West Midlands.
Match Made in Heaven? Top tabloid announces plans to create own celebrity couple, with exclusive rights to stream entire relationship, reality TV-style. Every significant event, from first intercourse to eventual spectacular break up will be available to subscribers.
Des Moines, Iowa – (

At a Wednesday press conference in Iowa President Donald Trump addressed his concerns about his past opponent’s health and vitality and especially the reports she was wearing a medical alert device. He also questioned her ability to properly function without succumbing to bouts of pain in which she might require doses of powerful medications which he felt could cloud her ‘good judgement’ or result in more trips and falls..
48 year-old Rick Motter of Sarasota, Florida etched the letters 'JO' into the back of his hand with a ballpoint pen this morning, a quick reminder to his future self to masturbate later in the day.
After a crazed gunman killed two people in a Louisiana movie theater during a screening of her movie Trainwreck, comedian Amy Schumer, cousin of Democratic brainiac Senator Chuck Schumer, became the latest celebrity to make a public plea for gun control. At a press conference, she offered her advice for people who find themselves defenseless in a gun-free zone.
New York, NY – (
Coming off an apparent fart she popped while on live TV last week, Whoopi Goldberg declared on her show “The View” Tuesday that communism is “a great concept” that “makes perfect sense.”
Although the period after World War II is generally remembered as an existential struggle between two nuclear superpowers to control the planet earth, Republicans this week revealed that it was, in fact, just a comical series of miscommunications.
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Could be difficult for a broader audience to empathize with protagonists who are all young, Thai boys. Angelina Jolie has just become available!
People looking for love in their 60s and over now have an app catering for their specific needs. Available on Apple, Android and those phones with the really big buttons, Greyndr promises to help those in their autumn years find someone special, whether they want a companion to watch Midsomer Murders with, to visit stately homes and eat cream teas with, or just for frenzied but ultimately meaningless sexual coupling behind the bandstand in the park.
Tweet Tower—In a chain of events that many are calling suspicious, Trump’s Helsinki interpreter, Marina Gross, ‘fell’ from an eight story building earlier today and landed on porn star Stormy Daniels. The two women suffered only minor injuries as both of Stormy’s breasts were deployed at the time of impact. The interpreter is now conscious and recovering at Stormybroke…
by Paul Lander.Making fun of the headlines today, so you don’t have to The news doesn’t need to be complicated and confusing; that’s what any new release from Microsoft is for. And, as in the case with ... Read moreRipping the Headlines Today, 7/23/18Subscribe to our monthly Humor Times magazine here, available worldwide, in print or digital format. Pick up a copy at Barnes & Noble and other stores all over the U.S.
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Democratic Party presidential hopefuls Joe Biden and Eric Holder will be debuting the start of their 2020 campaign next week with a tour of crucial US sink-or-swim states.
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Hillary Clinton excuse number 74 (we know you’ve been counting) as to why her 2016 presidential campaign imploded during voting and underdog Donald Trump won….The new excuse that has people’s heads churning even more in disbelief is…Her lack of a male heir.
Def Leppard announced today that they have replaced longtime drummer Rick Allen with Carlos Moreno, a one-armed itinerant percussionist from Chihuahua, Mexico.
The founder of Papa John's Pizza, John Schnatter, followed up his accusation that the beloved icon of the Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise used the "N-word" with claims that Colonel Sanders had been seen sexually cavorting with barn yard animals.
Southern Mexico- (
Archaeologists have uncovered the 1,300 year old remains of a Mayan prince entombed within a royal complex at the ancient city of Uxul, located near the Guatemalan border. The Mayan’s prophesied the end of the world on December 21, 2012, that failed to occur and this dig provides new insights into their history.
Ballybollox, Eire – (

A third-rate actress who appeared as Maid Marian in the 50s’ children’s TV series The Adventures of Robin Hood was Barack Obama’s paternal grandmother according to declassified UK papers.
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With the advent of National Socialized Medicine, Democratic supporters squeaked in a provision in the last moments before a vote that allows free abortions upon demand for any women who desires one.

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