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A Philadelphia traffic court judge was removed from office by a judicial ethics panel after showing a female court clerk cellphone photos of his genitals.
Calls for American left to assert Second Amendment rights and arm themselves in order to force through gun control at gun point. Only armed left-wing militias can protect citizens' Constitutional rights from threat posed by right wing crazies, argue leftist leaders.
It isn't just celebrities we should be wary of idolising and placing on pedestals. Those individuals lionised by the popular press as 'heroes' in the wake of some disaster or terror attack are equally suspect. Just he other week, I was reading how that homeless guy hailed as a hero for supposedly helping victims in
Charity shops besieged by pensioners seeking to exchange sex for second hand goods in wake of Oxfam sex for aid scandal. New charitable donors horrified to discover their money isn't financing import of foreign sex workers for their use.
Chicago, IL - (
Think Trump congratulating Putin was terrible? Think again.....
President Obama called Russian President-elect and Prime Minister Putin to congratulate him on his recent Chicago-type victory in the Russian Presidential election. Discrepancies showed that upwards of 75 million dead people..Some were at rest as far back as WWII…Voted for Vladimir Putin not only once, but twice!
Chappaqua NY – (
Former Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton left the USA for a 10 country, publisher paid trip to plug her new book “What Happened.” The book is about her 2016 presidential aspirations (she lost to Republican Donald Trump) is not doing well domestically. So, Hillary opted to quietly take her book tour on the road overseas!
Satireworld News -

While addressing reporters on Thursday, Rep/. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) lost her breath during several short sentences, suffered more brain freezes and could be seen staring blankly at reporters, while also frequently repeating words.
Chernobyl, Ukraine – ( A new book about international espionage names Don T Rump as America’s leading Mafia don, describing him ‘a global tentacle-reach close second’ to top KGB matriarch Queen Elizardbirth Vagina.
Hoping to capitalize on Vladimir Putin's decisive electoral victory, President Trump says Republicans can build on that momentum in 2018 US Midterms.
LONDON, United Kingdom (The Adobo Chronicles, Berlin Bureau) - The tech gurus at BBC have deveoped an interactive video game for young people to help them detect fake news on mainstream and social media. But alas, the game backfired on BBC. In the final segment of the video game, players were asked to check from a…
Spanning the previously impassable Tecumseh Valley Gorge in a dizzying 3 weeks after the repeal of several federal regulations that had been slowing its construction, the 422 foot long combination steel-wood suspension-truss bridge will connect an estimated 1 million vehicles per year from Morgantown to Lewisburg.
THE HAGUE, Netherlands (The Adobo Chronicles, Berlin Bureau) - The International Criminal Court (ICC) has gone into panic mode after Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said he will convince states to withdraw from the international body. Earlier, Duterte announced the Philippines was withdrawing from the ICC. "I will convince everybody now under the treaty: Get out! Bastos…
Tallahassee, Florida – (
Ritch Workman, a Florida legislator, has begun the process of un-banning the bar room sport of dwarf tossing and midget throwing citing ‘the little guys need the work!’ Banned since 1989, Dwarf Tossing is one of a 1,000 laws the current legislature is seeking to overturn citing damages to the economy.
THE VATICAN (The Adobo Chronicles, Rome Bureau) - Because this year’s Easter Sunday falls on April 1 — April Fool’s Day — Pope Francis has decreed a one-week delay in the celeberation of Christ’s Resurrection. Speaking in his native Spanish from St. Peter’s Basilica, Francis said, “We cannot turn our believers into non-believers, especially on this…
New York – (
Ex-US president Barack Obama has been summonsed as a character witness in the upcoming House of Sword princes corruption trial.
The move follows a crackdown at royal Saudi palaces last Saturday where ‘a lot of crack cocaine’ was seized along with dozens of surface-to-heir missiles, camel-oriented pornography and infidel sex toys – including a 30ft-deep Michelle-O rubber pudenda nicknamed Alwaleed’s Ravine.
A man holds no ill will toward a basketball hoop that insulted and teased him when he was a young player, even for the comments about his shoes.
Steven Hawking has handed his legacy to the long suffering voice synthesiser, it has emerged. Friends close to the the 76 year old titan of theoretical physics -who died on Wednesday- said that in recent years Hawking had delegated increasing amounts of the more mundane elements of black hole research to the machine. ‘At first...
Washington, DC—More republicans are crying foul after a photo surfaced showing the Special Counsel, Robert Mueller, leaving a local fortune-teller’s shop on 43rd Street NW. The above photo of a shop, but not PhotoShopped, brings the credibility of the entire Russia-probe investigation into serious question. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said, “Mueller really has a pair of crystal balls…
Our nation’s true political spectrum is not right to left, but top to bottom, and Populism is about reducing the distance between the two. My father, W.F. “High” Hightower, was a populist.
Washington,DC – (
The Hillary Clinton 2016 election loss blame game took a new turn this past week as yet another excuse was hurled out onto the airwaves. First, we had insults directed toward rural voters. Then it was the unproven Russian collusion….Throw in the Republican vast right-wing conspiracy….Or some unfriendly media coverage….Then the FBI! Now it’s turned more appealing now that mentioning personal health issues just might garner more sympathy.

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