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Oceans 11 (because our oceans go to 11)—Dr. Sterling Hogbein, of the Hogbein Institute and Casino, has put forth a controversial new theory of our ancient oceans. Dr. Hogbein believes the early Ordovician period, traditionally believed to have been dominated by giant nautiloids and hemorrhoids, was actually ruled by a giant extinct submarine known as Megalasub.…
by Will Durst.This tax reform rewards the rich for the hard work of ripping of the rest of us. They’re partying at the Cracker Barrel. Wings are flying out of Hooters. The Olive Garden’s endless breadsticks have ... Read moreRobbing Hood: GOP’s ‘Tax Reform’Subscribe to our monthly Humor Times magazine here, available worldwide, in print or digital format.
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On a hill in Sharm el-Sheikh, not far from the famous beach resorts with their bikini-clad patrons, Islamist activist Ahmed Saber ponders the fate of revealing swimwear if his party comes to power. After spending weeks observing bikini wearing women on the beach through powerful binoculars, the cleric laments the probable cause of male blindness among fellow Egyptians.
The Strait of Hormuz – (
As two fully equipped US naval carrier task forces close on the Straits of Hormuz, the Iranian Navy announced it’s launched its first aircraft carrier and promises to strike a bloody blow if intimidated by US naval forces.
Jerico, Israel – (
Historians, scientists, and archaeologists attempting to authenticate the recently discovered “Journal of Jesus” may be a fake. The journal, supposedly discovered in a cave in Jordan, has been the matter of much speculation, worship, and controversy since it was revealed to the public two years ago.
New York, NY – (
President Barack Obama sat for a long anticipated interview with CBS’s “60 Minutes” last week. The interview, actually broadcast on prime time TV, left out a statement where Obama essentially declared himself the fourth best president in terms of his accomplishments.
Over 10,000 camouflaged tanks, armored personnel carriers, and combat support vehicles have mysteriously vanished.
President Donald Trump will be building the federal prison facility where he plans to reside with his family in about nine to ten months.
Calling the prohibition against feces in drinking water “over-regulation run amok,” Environmental Protection Agency Chief Scott Pruitt today ordered his department to stop enforcing it.
Sarah Huckabee Sanders expressed dismay to reporters that local Democratic clubs across the country are playing “shenanigans” by registering thousands of voters and encouraging them to show up at the polls in 2018 and vote.
An increasing number of people in the UK are declining to express definite opinions when asked about complex issues of which they know little.
Now that a comprehensive tax bill has been signed into law, relieved Republicans can finally begin impeachment proceedings.
WASHINGTON, D.C. (The Adobo Chronicles, Washington Bureau) - On the eve of New Year’s eve, President Donald Trump fired all the remaining members of the Presidential Council on HIV/AIDS, months after about half a deozen members resigned in protest of Trump’s position on health poilicies. At the same time, The White House announced that applications to…
Hoping to duplicate the success of Bitcoin and other digital currencies, Sesame Street today announced the creation of Bertcoin.

Washington DC- (
Texas Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) stood on the US House floor in debate of an amendment to the Department of the Interior/Environmental Protection Agency’s spending bill. The amendment would ban the Confederate flag from being flown in federal cemeteries. Representative Lee (D-TX) obtained a BA in political science from Yale University and a JD from the University Of Virginia School Of Law. She also minored in American history, espousing a few years ago about the USA’s remarkable 400 year old Constitution.
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Corn Pone, TN – (
Tennessee State highway patrol officials say the blue 2013 Prius pulled from a 25 foot snow bank is a car registered to Albert Gore. A passing motorist saw a faint glimmer of a tail light flashing from within the massive snowbank near Hollow Brook Road in rural Tennessee. Police say the body inside was frozen so stiff from the -23 deg F temperatures they had to cut the roof and doors off the vehicle to remove the body.
With his family lacking health insurance and unable to pay for a pricey prosthetic, Jordan Liddle had resigned himself to being limbless long-term - that is until a group of his fellow Meriwether Lewis Middle School came together to give their friend a new lease on life.
President Donald Trump reviews the Netflix series "Dark"
Leon Springs, CA – (
Well, you knew it was coming right? Just a few years after Bruce Jenner declared himself a ‘woman’ with man parts, washed-up cyclist and admitted doper Lance Armstrong is going to give womanhood a chance and enter the Tour de France bicycle event as a woman.
WASHINGTON, D.C. (The Adobo Chronicles, Washington Bureau) - House Speaker Paul Ryan today categorically denied that he screwed an altar boy. Ryan was reacting to a statement by entertainment personality Rosie O’Donnel, who said that Ryan is going “straight to hell.”  O’Donnel was referring to the tax plan recently passed in Congress, courtesy of Ryan and…

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