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Opinions polls, which only days before were telling the prime minister to "go to the country", only three days later are saying "don't do it," according to the latest poll in a Sunday paper.
The US Men's Soccer Team is looking to beef up its defensive strategy in preparations for the World Cup.
We want YOUR opinion- preferred way to fly: American Airlines, United Airlines Or North Korean Missile?
I have previously written about, Things I Think About All The Time, it focused primarily on some of my thoughts on more mundane subjects; science, religion, extraterrestrial life as well as politics. But, believe it or not, I also think about some really mind-blowing and serious subjects as well, e.g.- Why do dogs and cats really, really, like (or dislike) certain foods, and food groups?
Kentuckian Jim Ballsinger–brother, son, lover, hootenanny coordinator–recently returned from his daily therapy session in seemingly high spirits. We think.
"You really think you deserve to destroy America after a test like that? My father and grandfather are rolling in their graves right now at the thought."
The news that Nigel Farage will not be standing in the general election has been greeted with dismay by voters who were looking forward to the opportunity to tell him to ‘do one’ yet again. ‘I’m really disappointed,’ said Ramsgate resident Fenton Barnes. ‘I was hoping he might stand in our constituency again so I...
What is America’s busiest multi-tasking Washington couple – Ivanka and Jared Kushner – like at home? Everyone wonders what America’s busiest multi-tasking Washington couple, Ivanka and Jared Kushner, is like at home. Well, I happened to get my hands on a transcript — okay, I wiretapped their duvet and beat Obama to it!
A black mannequin was severely beaten and later shot by police in Felton, Ohio after being set outside by its owner as part of a sidewalk display Thursday.
Because the producers of the hit show felt that they weren’t accurately reflecting their fan base, they will present for your viewing pleasure: Sad Sacks 2018.
Just last Thursday I was entertaining over 50,000 guests at my bi-weekly “Salute to Bear Traps,” which was meant to be just a fun, casual, and accident-free celebration. Oops.
Prime minister Theresa May has sparked scenes of joy across the country after announcing a general election, giving every voter in Britain their say on the colour of the handcart we are all going to hell in. “This morning, the Cabinet took the momentous decision to ask the public what it thinks about the colour...
Dinglebury, ENG—Dr. Sterling Hogbein, of the Hogbein Institute and gift shop, is back in the news again today and pushing another controversial theory. In 2012 he proposed an alternative theory to explain the many megalithic structures dotting the English landscape. This important archeofictionologist now believes he has irrefutable evidence to support his earlier claim that they were,…
The Republican’s latest attempt at a health care plan, as explained by them in this open letter to the public. Okay, so it took us seven years to come up with a deplorable replacement for Obamacare. But in just a month we’ve devised a hugely better plan. It’s called “Omamacare.” This one’s sure to pass.
South Korea: Mike Pence, the US Vice President, was in South Korea today to use his own magic to stop one of Kim Jong-Un's impressive looking rockets, according to the person in the hotel room next to his.
Take a little walk down meme-ory lane with dictator extraordinaire, Kim Jong Un.
I didn't come all the way from England and finally get my own HBO program only to rant about an orange devil destroying our planet each week. I came to talk about guinea pigs.
In recent years police crime reports show hipster on hipster crime has risen by almost 97%, with the number of 'scalpings' almost up by 70%. Scalping is a term used when a hipster takes a pair of scissors to another hipster and cuts off either their rivals man bun, or part of their beard.
Are we moving toward fascism? My designated term of endearment for our president, Ass-Clown Hitler, was chosen for a reason as the only thing standing between our nation and some extra-strength Nazinol is Trump’s three-ring stupidity. What many of us despise about Trump, his terminal buffoonery, may actually be our saving grace. There’s certainly a down side to having an ass-clown…

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