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Within hours of the announcement that a deal had been reached to raise the debt ceiling, Republican leaders issued a statement reassuring party members that no concessions had been made that would affect in any way the lives of the extremely wealthy or their heirs.
Corroborating the recently expressed beliefs of many within his own party that he can't win a general election, several new polls have Donald Trump losing against an array of candidates, creatures and inanimate objects.
One week after the expiration of Title 42 brought masses of people seeking asylum in the US, border towns are now facing a surge of those same migrants seeking to flee the country.
ALVIN, TX - A gunman opened fire on an outlet mall in a Houston-area outlet mall this morning, killing nine people and wounding ten more before being shot dead by another mass shooter firing on the same mall, authorities said.
Americans now view trans people as the top problem facing the nation, while more conventional lesbians and gays also remain an issue of concern, a new Fox poll shows.
Suspending their years-long push to pass a federal abortion ban, House Republicans will focus instead on weakening the ability of popular opinion to shape public policy, members of its leadership are now signaling.
Facing calls for impeachment over his use of luxury jets, yachts and lavish resorts provided by real estate magnate Harlan Crow, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas denied today that such feting has had any influence over his tenure on the bench.
Republican lawmakers are calling for more rigorous training of the country's underage workforce after a new report on child labor in the US showed significant upticks in injuries and deaths of kids working in America's farms and factories.
Did a man travel back in time to try and stop assassination of John Lennon in 1980? Top physicist makes series of extraordinary claims regarding missing colleague. Alleges combination of time machine constructed in lab locker and tantric sex enabled leading scientist to create new reality where Lennon lives!
Pro LGBTQ newspaper column by Jeremy Clarkson prompts revelation that right-wing press using Artificial Intelligence to produce its bile-filled and reactionary columns and opinion pieces. Fears that AI has become self-aware and is 'woke', deliberately subverting Tory tabloids hate-filled messaging. Others claim AI hacked by 'Wokerati'.
Are streaming services becoming so desperate for new content they are spying on lives of subscribers? Man claims that new streaming TV drama series is actually based on his everyday life. Staines woman alleges new 'reality documentary' is her actual life illicitly filmed and sensationalised with actors secretly inserted to contrive dramatic incidents for cameras.
Invisible illegal immigrants - the new threat to Britain's borders? Anti-immigration campaigner claims thousands of illegal immigrants made invisible by 'heathen voodoo rites' are landing on Kent's beaches every day. Fears new army of invisible immigrants set to create criminal mayhem throughout England.
Many of Donald Trump's supporters can't help but see similarities between the former president and Jesus Christ, and for good reason, because their stories of martyrdom are nearly identical.
Two weeks after the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank sparked fresh concern over the stability of the global banking system, financial experts are now advising the public that the time has indeed come to panic.
A man once voted 'Most Likely to be Crushed to Death Trying to Steal a Catalytic Converter' by his high school classmates was crushed to death while attempting to remove a catalytic converter from a vehicle outside a residence in Tulsa, Oklahoma this morning.
New research has linked exposure to drag queen performances with increased sass-mouth in children.
Do you care about trying to save our planet? Do you really? Because everyone who does knows that water conservation plays a crucial role in the fight against climate change, so if you're not, then you probably don't, and you can go to hell. If you really do, however; like really, really do, then you should know and already be doing the following:
Two weeks after protesting the downing of a high-altitude surveillance balloon from US airspace, Beijing is fuming once more over the 'wrongful termination' of a Chinese spy from the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.
The Justice Department announced today that hundreds of convicted mass shooters will be offered the opportunity for early release from fedderal prison as the government struggles to accommodate a steady stream of new rampage killers into the system.
The skies over Tallahassee bloomed with fireworks last night as Florida brought its commemoration of Black History Week to a close with a bang.

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