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I wrote 36 reviews of new films in this bizarre year of 2016.  I can’t see all the new movies, nor do I want to. Then there are those that I’m not privy to see. Either they aren’t locally screened or a screener isn’t...
I got nothing against children. They're often cute, and if we're lucky, they grow into human beings instead of progressive butt wipes. What does fry my alt-right ass (apart from a stack of burning Korans about four feet high) is the effect that kids have on the people who create them or who go out and adopt a trendy baby of color, which is, I suspect, a way for some people to signal they're ashamed of being white.
Even though Miss Sloane is constructed to satisfy a personal bias of mine — that being the passage of more sensible laws as to who may buy and own a gun, while not injuring the Second Amendment — it was a bit of a slog...
Postcards from the Pug Bus, the alt-right’s favorite satire site, is now an official sanctuary website. As long as bat-shit-crazy college professors inflict their political views on their students, as long as the homonazis try to destroy a small business owner’s livelihood for making a perfectly legal decision . . . the Pug Bus is their digital home on the web.
Thirty-six years ago today my favorite progressive was murdered. John Winston Lennon was the kind of person who wasn't afraid to take off his clothes and stand up for what he thought was right. I think more progressives ought to follow his lead. Enough with all this pearl clutching and fainting, my fellow Americans, let's see what you've got there—and there, too..
Huffington Post scribbler Cole Delbyck has vowed never to watch Last Tango in Paris again. He put on his big-boy pants and proudly announced his resolve in a mawkish exercise in virtue signaling entitled, “That Famous Rape Scene In ‘Last Tango in Paris’ Was In Fact Not Consensual, Director Says.”
Director Tom Ford’s second movie might be as good as his first. That’s saying a lot because A Single Man (2009) was an excellent debut for a guy who’s more into Yves Saint Laurent and Gucci than, it seems, directing a motion picture.
An early example of minimalist filmmaking is Alfred Hitchcock’s Rope. More recently, minimalist movies that have come our way are Jim Jarmusch’s Down By Law with Tom Waits; Alfonso Curarón’s Gravity with George Clooney and Sandra Bullock; and a superb far out sci-fi trek that Jonathan...
A fantastic but false story about dog-sitting helps identify different types of lies in comedy and answer the question of whether "truth" ultimately rules.
Every stand up comedian has his own unique microphone grip. I’ve collected a comprehensive list of ALL the grips that are out there. Which one fits you?
A lot of “normal” people don’t know there’s a whole different language comedians use to talk about stand up comedy. Here's the honest explanation.
Imagine you're cramming for your test in fluid dynamics when you get a text: Demetri Martin is coming to your school this week...and you're opening for him.
'Trump has brought a flamethrower to a stick fight, and fully understands confirmation bias,’ the Dilbert creator claims. Scott Adams’ May 27 appearance on Bill Maher’s Real Time should be compulsory reviewing for all of us. The creator of Dilbert revealed himself as not just a guy with a sharp sense of humor, but a...
By definition, effective satire challenges power structures, be they political, social or cultural, in a way that is generally offensive (by design) to the subject being satirized. It's no surprise then that satire as a genre tends to come under attack when faced with conflicts/stress points that test the limits of a society.
Why Brexit? Could it be because the European Union has become a messy, bureaucratic, multinational government of, by and for corporate interests? The most shocking thing about “Brexit” — the British people’s resounding vote to pull their country out of the European Union — is that it came as such a shock to the British.
Dave Lippman’s new CD may have the most songs ever totaling less than 48 1/2 minutes. At 19 tunes, they average a brisk 2 1/2 minutes per song, with five of them under two minutes. But Lippman packs a lot into...
My first meeting with a clinical dietitian was similar to the first conversation you ever had about sex. It involved a lot of explanation about things I was pretty familiar with but didn’t completely understand, and then a series of mind-altering revelations that made me feel embarrassed for not figuring it out earlier.
South Dakota – (
Recently, a terrorist attack on an Orlando Florida gay bar has been billed in the media as the worst firearm massacre in American history. That isn’t quite true once you check on historical facts.

December 29, 2015 marked the 125th Anniversary of the murder of 297 innocent Sioux Indians at Wounded Knee Creek on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota.
Attention investors and entrepreneurs! Are you looking for a building already adorned with your ultra-conservative political and religious views? Are you searching for such a building on a sizable corner lot with tons of highly trafficked frontage where your manifesto can be seen daily by tens of thousands of passersby?

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