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Live from The Oscars 2017: Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway announced the Best Picture from an envelope that said Best Actress on the front - he saw Emma Stone from La La Land so read out that the Best Picture was La La Land, but he should have had the envelope with the words Best Picture on the front and had he opened that it would have said Moonlight. This very mix up is set to be the subject of a new musical, the makers behind La La Land are believed to have said only minutes after their thanking for the Oscar they didn't get was brought to an abrupt halt.
The mistake was spotted and corrected with Moonlight named the real winner of the award, but the error made this year’s Academy Awards the most talked about of all time.
According to the American Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, a recent study revealed that, of all crimes committed in the United States with a firearm, 100% of those crimes had guns involved.
Firearms manufacturer Glock issued a massive recall today after a man trying to commit suicide with his 9mm handgun survived.
What Michelle needs to realize is that I’m not here to waste my time. But until she texts back, that's exactly what I'll be doing.
After an improbable leadership victory last season, the Premiership’s strugglers have chosen to part company with ‘the bearded wonder’. This is despite Corbyn having defied critics and bookies to take socialist ideas to the top of a league, a league usually dominated by ‘capitalist scum’ like Man City, Man Utd and George Osborne. Known as...
Yeah, this is an unscripted ghost investigation… and, boy, should we go with a script next time.  
The 26th Anniversary Issue of the Humor Times is coming, just in time for desperately needed comic relief! In these strange times, people are worried, and in desperate need of some comic relief. We are committed to doing our civic duty by providing it! And our most popular issue of the year is coming out.
At his latest Florida rally, Trump called for all ‘honest, hard working Americans’ to rise up against any display of intelligence, saying that it was an ‘un-American way of thinking’.
White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer announced the move yesterday, acting on the wishes of President Donald Trump.
Sean Spicer sang Old Man River in what was described by members of the press who had been invited to the press conference as a 'challenging, yet brilliant key'.
According to the UN (and other programs all over the globe), people no longer feel the desire to eat; or really do anything except stare at Bey.
Scientists with the Smithsonian Institution have stumbled on the find of a lifetime! A species long purported to be extinct–the infamous dodo bird--has been here and thriving in the U.S.
While it may not make for polite conversation on Christmas morning, it’s important nonetheless that you understand, Harry Potter is a degenerate psychopath.
President Donald Trump announced that under his leadership he fully expects the United States to finally exit the British Empire “within months”. The Colonies issued notice of intention to leave following a referendum in 1776, but negotiations have not proceeded as quickly as was expected, with many blaming the British Empire for playing hardball on...
Since the election he’s jumped on the ‘fake news’ phrase like an old dog with a new chew toy. No matter what you think of Donald J. Trump, you got to admit he’s a cracker-jack salesman with an uncanny gift for manipulating the mainstream media like a three-armed rental clown juggling pin-pulled grenades.
Falling off the back of a truck, this X-ray clearly shows the vacuum inside Steve Miller's head. As Donald says, "Sad."

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