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Not just NBA fans in the United States bristled at President Trumps tweet to Stephen Curry, but reclusive dictators were also up in arms.

El Paso, TX – (
Planning on dining out tonight? You might want to pass on Chinese food at a popular El Paso eatery.
A west Texas restaurant has set the standard for disgusting dining on its latest health inspection, with a stomach-churning rating of just 19 out of a possible 100.
Officials at Alcatraz Island, the infamous prison and tourist attraction, apparently have started contingency planning to house members of the Executive Branch.
The whole world is stunned as passengers lose reception on mysterious elevator.
Speaking in front of the United Nations on Tuesday, U.S. President Donald Trump doubled down on his vow to “totally destroy” North America -- unveiling the following 10-point plan to devastate the country he was sort of elected to lead.
In an addendum to his address to the United Nations Wednesday, President Trump promised, "Swift and utter annihilation of Mauritius," during a press conference with members of the international media this morning.
Please take a moment to donate to Hurricane Irma relief, and while you're at it, throw a couple bucks at the Kickstarter for my Flappy Bird-meets-Candy Crush app "Clint the Climber."
The former Press Secretary has admitted that the nausea associated with being President Trump’s mouthpiece, did not prepare him for the full horror of a snog from James Corden. Despite once having Trump oozing out of every orifice, Mr. Spicer admitted that only Mr. Corden had made him feel as dirty as a North Korean...
Washington, DC—In an effort to stabilize a political ecosystem that many in Washington are calling “completely F-d up”, environmentalists released 47 stable republican politicians into Congress this week. Jake Green of the Capitol Re-Acclimation Project explains, “By releasing semi-coherent individuals into both the Senate and the House, the hope is that things might actually return to the baseline…
Making fun of the headlines today, so you don’t have to The news doesn’t need to be complicated and confusing; that’s what any new release from Microsoft is for.
Tehran, Iran – (

Happy' Ali Mohammed is without a doubt the 'Happiest Man in the Islamic World!'
Ali earned this distinctive title by never frowning, never being angry, and always having an upbeat and positive attitude about all things in life.
Guantanamo Bay, Cuba – (

Government officials have readied the George Seros Media Center production studio and theater in anticipation of new arrivals from the US prison at Guantanamo Bay, which houses almost 400 terrorist suspects from around the globe.
Hipsters in a Haunted House features a trio of London hipsters who have ventured from the safety of gentrified Spitalfields for deepest, darkest ‘Mummerset’ en route to the Newton Abbot Beard Championships. Seeking shelter from a storm as they drive to the contest, they find themselves in a supposedly haunted house.
Anger as 'Sex Dungeon Shed' disqualified from local heat of 'Shed of the Year' contest. Investigation uncovers secrets of Britain's garden sheds as private prisons and sleazy photographic studios exposed as successful entrants in competition.
As Doctor Who fans rage over character's regeneration into a woman, former Who actor claims BBC tried to force him into sex change in 1970s. While gay fans claim gender change is homophobic plot to destroy gay icon, straight fans claim feminist plot to emasculate them.
Washington, DC – []

Well, we’ve been keeping score here at Satire World and so far, even in the midst of the liberal media’s ire and often recurring truth twisting, the results are pretty impressive for Donald Trump the non politician.
Should sex robots looking like children be banned? Experts warn of potential perils posed by realistic sex bots, including sexual harassment by proxy. Should they only be playthings of wealthy sex offenders, or available to the masses to facilitate redistribution of sexual intercourse?
Indianapolis, IN – (
Judge Marvin Hayes denied an anal plug request for recently charged child molester Jared Fogel submitted by his defense team upon his sentencing. Fogel’s pending indictment of 2 counts of serial child molestation requires him to spend the minimum 15 plus years behind bars in a maximum security prison.
Haters and losers, folks, haters and losers. So many stupid people, ignoring the facts. Don't even remember I got rid of ISIS in my first 30 days.
Ryanair has come up with another clever way of making more money by deciding to charge passengers an extra fee for those who want to travel on an actual aircraft. After purchasing their tickets passengers will be given the option of a plane or no plane. CEO Michael O’Leary hopes most people will choose to...

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